The simplicity and power of Love

Love is here. In every situation you experience, you are standing upon a foundation of Love so stable and so deep that it is without end. This abundant well is always there for you to dip into. Ego tells you that situations in all of their configurations have so much significance and weight, have so many limits built into them, but this is not true. There is no limit recognized or seen by Love. Stand steady in this foundation at all times. We are here to point out to you that you do stand steady in this foundation at all times, but you have been thinking otherwise. This is why you have been experiencing otherwise. It is as simple as that, and never more complicated.

Love is now. Love never goes away. Love is never absent. If the ego is insisting loudly that love is absent, ask for release from the thinking that brings matching experience. Bring the thoughts into the light and then release them. This is the most important function you have–allowing wrong-minded thinking to be cleared so right-minded thinking (or no thinking at all) can replace it.

Love is not because of some outward condition or event. Every time you seem to believe this–that some sort of goodness can come directly from what is outside, bring this belief to the light. The goodness is what you already are, and you allow yourself to experience it when you allow distorted thinking to be cleared.

For example, you don’t receive love because of some accomplishment. In truth, you are not an accomplisher at all. But within this story you seem to have a role. If you will allow that role to unfold beyond all definitions of accomplishing or not, that’s when you are in the flow–a flow in which it is easy to stay aware of the Love you and all others always have been. Perceiving love as it truly is allows happiness. Clinging to a false definition of love brings tension and unhappiness. Are you willing to release what you don’t need today?

Love is accessible regardless of the presence or absence of people. You don’t need people to be, and all joy comes directly from the beauty of pure beingness. People come and go. You yourself are not one of these persons, symbols of separation. You are however, currently playing a role of personhood, so roll with the role. Can you roll with the role without any kind of pressure, without any kind of charge, positive or negative? Without pride in the role or shame in the role, without any kind of attachment to the role, the person you seem to be can be used in the service of collective healing.

True happiness comes from the realization that Love Is. If you allow this Truth to determine all your thoughts, all of your experiences will reflect this essential truth. It doesn’t matter how any other would judge any experience. If you flow as the Love you are through all experience with no resistance, the character you are playing can be used for the highest good.

We thank you for listening, and we celebrate the beauty of what you are with us.

Photo by Guillaume LORAIN on Unsplash

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