Love takes care of all things

If you are Love, the simplest answer in any situation is to allow the Love you are to shine through you. Love expressed meets all needs and takes care of all things. What would stop the Love you are from shining through you? Only you. If you attach a value to blocking love, you have been listening to and following egoic thoughts. You can’t listen to and follow egoic thoughts without fear. Notice the fear, and you have your clue to where you are blocking the expression of love through you.

Take a look at goals and assumptions. If they come to you with any degree of stress, tension, or a feeling of pushiness, those goals and assumptions are what you use to stop the love you are from shining out of you in radiance.

Break for a silly yet enlightening conversation I had with my friends:
I was visualizing love shining out of me, using the body as a symbol, and of course I had to do the immature thing and see it shining directly out of my asshole. So even though it is comical, I became concerned. It would be embarrassing to have light shining directly out of my asshole!

Bingo! There it is. You would metaphorically plug that orifice to avoid embarrassment. You think there is something to avoid, when the only something there is, is you–love. So if you would block anything, you would block the expression of Love. The expression of Love would heal everything, is healing everything.  Now it is time for a word from Matthew Silver:

What would you need to block when the only thing there is to block is the expression of Love?  All else is illusion. All else is projection. All else is confusion. Let it all fall away.

We draw your attention to goals. When you discover that you have a goal, check to see if there is any tension associated with it. Check what you are valuing. Would you be upset if you got interrupted in the pursuit of your goal? Is the goal itself valuable? What makes it valuable? If any goal based on form is valuable to you, know that you are using pursuit of this goal to block the expression of Love, even if you think the goal is loving.

If you discover that you are worshipping a goal, celebrate. You have just seen exactly what you use to block yourself, to keep happiness away. Now is exactly the time to let old patterns go and to allow yourself to be guided.

When you have a goal based on an outcome in form, you say to yourself, “Back, happiness! I don’t want you! I’d rather have satisfaction.” Satisfaction is ego’s substitute for happiness. You think you’re happy when you get your way. You define “your way” by accomplishment of goals that ego feeds you. Yes, ego feeds you these goals, and you eat them up. Again, celebrate when you notice this. When you see this, the tendency to accept ego’s goals dries up in the sunlight. You are that sunlight that dries up useless pursuit of goals. As you come to realize this, you have no perceived need to accept ego’s counsel. You are light itself, and that light will carry you out of the illusion you made.

When you feel any tension, it is an alert. The alert tells you that you aren’t valuing your shared and whole Self–that which will guide you out of illusion. You are valuing something imaginary instead. When you aren’t allowing your Self to lead, you feel the dissonance of that as tension, and it’s a wonderful indicator stop whatever you think is so important. When you stop, you can relax back into what you Are.

We celebrate as we see you value your feelings for the service they provide. When you accept this service, you serve all.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 25 – I stop to return to my Self

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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