Practice 46 – I am willing to be shown

We are ready and willing to show you how joy is ever-present. If you are willing to be shown, we can arrange time and space so you can witness ever-present joy shining through form. Remember that there is no joy in the form, in the physicality. What we do is to arrange conditions, because you are willing to have them arranged, so you can see the joy that is always there behind the form.

Because of your willful commitment to control form, we have been unable to show you. When you release control of form, your physical experience becomes a means for you to be shown that joy is truly alive everywhere.

Begin with a three-minute meditation. Repeat:
I am willing to be shown

Go into a core of bright light and know that this is joy. Know that this is your very own Self, and it is the Self of others. It is the root of harmony. You can stay here forever because the truth is that this is where you have always been. You have simply willed yourself to see otherwise.

As you stay here, if any thought intrudes to disturb your peace, focus on the light. Repeat:
I am willing to be shown

Ask to be shown how the light shines through the thought, and watch as the thought disappears.

End with:
I am willing to be shown throughout the day how joy is ever-present.

Remember this: The joy is not the form. The form has been used to block out the awareness of joy. The joy is going to shine through the form, and you’re allowing us to arrange space and time so you can be shown the truth.

When you keep hoping that the form will bring you joy, or that if you could change the form you could have joy, you are asking a dead thing to be joy. Physicality is nothing, while joy is all. You will see the joy shining through what you have used to block the joy. You have made a habit of evaluating the form, but this is no longer your business. Your business is to see joy.

If anything arises during your day to disturb your peace, give thanks that you are witnessing a perceptual habit that blocks joy. Ask for our assistance in seeing everything truly:
I am willing to be shown

We are always here in eternal gratitude for your willingness to allow perception to shift. We never leave the joy we are, the joy you are, the joy all are, and it is our great happiness to be able to show you the true light of which everyone is made.

Photo by Janine Joles on Unsplash

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