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This Moment is Your Miracle

You can pay for admission to This Moment is Your Miracle events here. In the note field, indicate which parts you will be attending: talk, workshop, and/or film. While we appreciate if you pay ahead of time, you can also pay in cash or by credit card on the event day(s).

Pay for admission
Include a note stating which events you will be attending: talk, workshop, film, or all

Talk – Saturday, May 4, 7-9pm – $20 suggested donation, but no one is turned away
Workshop – Sunday, May 5, 2-4pm – $20
Film & discussion – Sunday, May 5, 4-6pm, $20

The discounted price for all three parts is $50. There are funds available for those who need a low-cost or free option. Contact Julie here with a note about what events you want to attend and how much you are able to pay.

There will be This Moment Is Your Miracle books available for purchase at the event for $17. You can pay in cash or through Venmo.

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash