The peaceful convergence of all timelines

We thought you might like to know that you are time travelers. By this we mean that timelines are converging. They are converging toward an outcome foretold, an outcome desired by us all. It is an outcome of great relief for our divine siblings, and we experience great joy as we see you moving toward this outcome.

Envision a vortex. As you enter this vortex and travel deeper, the pull is greater. Outside of the vortex events are disorganized and random. Within the vortex, events are ordered and harmonized. You are in the vortex now. All is well. Take a breath. Grant yourself a sigh of relief, a pat on the back. Pat your divine sibling on the back. Tell them what an exquisite job they have done. Whether it is the divine sibling who triggered you so deeply that you cleaned up your own fear or the divine sibling who cleaned up her own fear alongside you–all serve the same outcome, and we are profoundly pleased.

All the different versions of you from all the timelines are merging.  Think of the feeling of discord, of being pulled this way and that way. When you feel this feeling and believe something within the world you’re currently experiencing is to blame, you’re missing a larger current of back and forth that extends beyond the world you’re currently focused upon. If you consider parallel realities (and these are definitely the small-r ones because they are all different versions of separation identification), you can actually feel the tug and pull as you are identified one way in one reality and another way in another reality. You get confused by this tug and pull and start blaming others within your current focus for this sense you feel.

As you allow yourself to feel and as you set down that sense of blame, reaching instead for the wholeness of You, seeing that wholeness and that access to Wholeness in all, you go right past all of those separate and conflicting small-r realities into the vortex that leads to Heaven, harmony. Dying before you die. In other words, you die to discord and fear before the end of this embodiment. The You that you are with all others can never die, of course.

As you forgive, as you release fear, as you begin to see all others as the love that they are, you don’t need them to be other to define you. We’ll slow down here. Whenever you feel insecure, and as you allow yourself to truly feel, you feel this often and more powerfully, you’re allowing yourself to experience moments when the temptation is to define someone else as other in order to relieve your sense of insecurity. This causes a lot of timeline splits–a lot of that apparent chaos. When instead you meet your experience of insecurity with the pure Love of Source–your actual identity instead of imagined identities of others that you conjure in order to soothe ego–you allow this progress past divergent timelines into an experience of awakening, remembrance and forgiveness for all.

So you’re emerging into timelines when identities no longer have to show up to define each other. You don’t need to be a good guy next to bad guys who show up to make you look good. In recognizing the universal goodness of all beings, you allow the bad guys to stop pretending. As you allow the ones playing roles of bad guys in divine service to shed their costumes, you emerge into timelines where more and more are thriving. So if there is a big discrepancy between your experience and that of another right now, know that it is perfect to initiate the desire to heal it, to inspire this timeline jump.

This means that the timeline when they are thriving and when you are thriving can meet. You no longer need them to show up as other than you in order to define you as someone acceptable. You are already beautiful and lovable right now. When you know this without reference to anything else, you can move to that timeline where that anything else has subsided into peace and harmony.

This works with any set of opposites: smart/stupid, good/evil, beautiful/ugly, rich/poor, healthy/sick. When your separate identity no longer depends on the other showing up to define you (whether your are attempting to uplift yourself as separate or push yourself down as separate–same thing), there is great release, great harmony, great joy, and that is where you emerge together.

You are noticing that we allude to a collective event, but we don’t come right out and say anything about it. That is because all is probability, and we are not here to dictate to you. We are here to assist you on the journey you make freely. We are informing you that you are in the vortex, and you are most definitely not going backwards. We are telling you that you have every reason to relax, most especially because relaxing about everything is what gets you in the vortex in the first place. But if you want to relax specifically because we told you you’re in the vortex, then go ahead! Even that, you’re seeing is something you’re going to set down–the doubt, the need for reassurance. You can feel yourself setting that down even now.

This means that the timeline when your apparent opposites are thriving and the timeline when you are thriving can meet and merge. You are learning to enter the flow and stay in the flow. The flow always takes you to convergent outcomes instead of divergent. We encourage you to step out of time-as-prison, time-as-rigid. See it as fluid, dynamic, the river taking you to the confluence, where all meet in peace.

This timeline where all are thriving–imagine that one. Everyone is already there, already thriving. You merely join it. The simplest way to explain how you join it is to say that you release resistance. You have been doing this. You are doing this. In a very, very deep sense–and we would not say this if you were not ready to hear this–there isn’t even any doing. Think very simply of the joyful expansion of a very deep harmony. This is you. This you looking in upon yourSelf, witnessing your true identity.

So back to your outer, the version of the world you seem to inhabit in a rather permanent and rigid fashion. Nothing could be further from the truth. All is fluid and changing. If you use any aspect of the outer to slow your progress, that is your relative truth, the one you have chosen. That is fine. It is your choice, and all paths end up in the same place. In other words, if you spend clock time blaming aspects of your world, lamenting, saying how horrible they are and how they shouldn’t be, you are choosing to stay put a while longer.

Only a while, though. The pull of the Love you are is so strong now. The attraction of you to You cannot be denied. So you will flow through those merging timelines, and as you do, you will feel so much kinship with the others who walk this path with you. More and more, you will see right through those bodies and personalities to the very simple light within, and you will laugh and rejoice upon meeting, simply because feeling good feels so good.

At first, when you emerge into the light, into peace, it can feel a bit disconcerting. You have just left prison. Freedom can be frightening at first. Rest easy as you work through layers of fear. It’s all a journey to meeting your brothers and sisters as they are, as they always have been, in the glorious light beyond all roles that served you.

When you realize that All are One and you allow this knowing to permeate every moment, every interaction, you allow yourself to see and experience the world that has always been available. Heaven on Earth has always been available, but you have blocked your own access to it out of the habit of fear, out of attachment to the separate identity you thought was your hiding place from the wrath of God. Fully seeing that Source has no wrath, you can flow easily in your journey to the peaceful meeting place of all timelines.

Crank up the tunes and enjoy the road trip! We are always there to assist you when you need it. It takes only one breath to meet up with us, and not even that.

Photo by Paul Talbot on Unsplash

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