All equal

We want you to know that those nonphysical beings who help you are your equals. Just as we are your equals, each brother and sister experiencing physical embodiment is also your equal. We invite you to see where you perceive anything other than the truth. When you look at those playing roles in the world you are experiencing right now, do some seem to be more or less of one quality than others? Know that you are looking at their role, not their being. Their being is the truth. Their roles are the illusion.

Seeing the world through the eyes of the nonphysical beings who are always here to help you, you come to see that any separate thing is valueless. Yet here you seem to be, in a world with separate things that the world seems to value, in an experience in which you notice yourself valuing separate things. Turn the whole of the experience over. Allow each separate thing to be used in the service of healing. See the value of the illusion only in its use on behalf of healing.

When you see form this way, form becomes harmless. It is neither particularly beneficial nor particularly harmful, but your experience of form can be used to assist you in the acceptance of the healing that is always there for you. Allow your experience of form to be used in the service of healing.

Where there is the perception of harm, that is the call for healing. The healing is always for you to accept. Once you have accepted healing for yourself, it is shared. Notice where you perceive harm or potential harm today. And remember that we are always here to assist in the correction of perception. Call upon us to assist in delivering clarity to you. Clarity brings happiness. Attachment to form brings nothing but sadness and despair. If you look underneath the temporary satisfaction you seem to get from having form arranged in a way you seem to like, you will see and feel that despair. Allow yourself to feel what lies beneath the surface of what the ego calls satisfaction, and you will always make the choice to accept healing.

As you accept healing, your perception changes. It seems to happen over time, incrementally, but this is no concern of yours. Turn time over to the service of healing, and know that all is always well, all ways. When you feel some disturbance related to time, remember what time is. Time is an illusory means to deliver healing unto you. It used to be a hiding place for the experience of separation perception, but we can use any concept in which you believe in the service of healing until the concept falls away naturally and easily.

Remember how supported you are. And remember that your power is always in your ability to request and accept clear vision. We always abide with you, always loving you, always available to assist you.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

For a practice, see Practice 38 – I request and accept clear vision

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