All reside in the Benefit I received the outline of this message yesterday, and then later in the day I became aware of an event--a concert at which people died. As I prepared to receive the whole message this morning, the image of the concert came to me (entirely in mind's eye, haven't actually seen any footage), and I … Continue reading All reside in the Benefit

A Course in Forgetting: The fearless Another section of the book came. The book is a shared document, so you are welcome to add, edit, and delete. One morning recently, I saw a slim volume with small sections of text on one side of the page, and images on the other. If you feel moved to post images in the … Continue reading A Course in Forgetting: The fearless

Julie, meet Jesus: Part 2 It softens It softens into gratitude for all the help that is being made available It softens into listening It softens into celebration of all met and all thought of without exception It softens into acceptance of all the lessons It softens into seeing all as I Am, not as we appear to be … Continue reading Julie, meet Jesus: Part 2

Awakening conversations

Thanks to my friend François for his "Show Some Love" show, where I have had lovely conversations about awakening with friends. I mean that both ways. I had conversations with friends, and I am awakening with friends 💗    

It’s safe to wake up It is important to choose between dreams and Reality. Whenever we speak to you, we are always going to remind you about the importance of the seeming points in time when you experience disturbance and disquiet because they are such moments of opportunity.  In those moments, there is your proof that you are choosing … Continue reading It’s safe to wake up

Ego’s flimsy facade Ego presents you with a facade. When you invest in the facade, you invest poorly. The facade ego presents distracts you away from the truth of what you are, what everyone else is and always has been. We invite you to notice this distraction quality today--when it seems you have been gripped and drawn … Continue reading Ego’s flimsy facade