You chose a simulation

Allow us to tell you a story about what you didn’t do. It’s just a story. You wondered what not-joy would be like, and then time and space were born. When you perceived the limits of time and space, you panicked. Panicking was never possible outside this simulation. Just after you panicked, you began to believe that the simulation was real. Here you stayed, taking on many identities across time and space.  You thought that you had actually ripped a hole in harmony, but that was never possible.

All that ever happened was that you believed a simulation was real.

You are now receiving a call to return to your natural inheritance. That call comes from the Love you are. It’s important that you understand that you have never actually done anything other than to give yourself a believable experience of the impossible. If you believe you have actually done wrong, you will keep blocking out the voice that shows you the way home. Allow instead that voice to tell you how loved and cherished you are and always have been.

You seem to have left Home, but you are still there, asleep. Nothing has affected your inheritance while you seem to have been gone from it. All is as it should be, and peace, harmony, and love have continued to expand without ceasing. You have never stopped being a part of creation. Creation is unified and can be nothing but. You deserve the experience of peace, harmony and love that you have been blocking out. So do all your divine siblings, right now, as they are. You can take the concept of earning, let it rise to the surface, and then watch it dissolve in the light you are.

You truly never did anything other than to experience an illusion. Try that on today, just for fun. When you believe you have lifted a cup, say, “I have done nothing.” When you believe you have opened a door, say, “I have done nothing.” You do not diminish your power by doing this. Rather, you take your focus away from false power and return it to true power–being.

Remember the simulation you chose when someone seems to do something and you observe yourself being reactive. He has done nothing. She has done nothing. See what you think of as the doer as the being of light she is, and you will call that one back to remembrance of the gentleness in which he has always abided.

Practice: No one has truly done anything wrong

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


14 thoughts on “You chose a simulation

  1. Only an illusion. But it is hard to go beyond, to pass over- because of the preconception of the rationally consciousness, because of the mind – which is the barrier by its own.
    Space, time, individuality, people and planets, galaxies, action and reaction, motion; names, families, occupation, gender, religions, philosophies, theories, thoughts, feelings and emotions, friends and enemies, locations and activities, dimensions – all these are Maya. It is the Absolute Reality, the Absolute Consciousness the highest and only real state – which no speach and idea can really describe.
    There is only The Unique, the Oneness.

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      1. The whole idea of love is…the best I can do with words is that I have to scrap the whole thing and allow it to be replaced. It isn’t replaced with a better idea. I guess allowing the idea to be trashed reveals what was always there. 💜

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  2. If the cosmos woudn`t be a simulation, there wouldn`t be time, there wouldn`t be change, there sure wouldn`t exist transformation.
    All space and time, the spatio-temporality proves, shows to the logical mind, to the intellect that all the form it`s just a cosmic capsule of illusion.
    Beyond that only the unchanging spirit, the unmanifested consciousness remains pure.

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