Feeding each other

We wish you a day of total peace, complete bliss. Such a day is possible. You are worthy of it. So are all others. When you know all others are worthy of a day of bliss and peace, you call them to the healing that will provide that--mind to mind, right now, you do that … Continue reading Feeding each other

Nothing left to fear

You have nothing to hide from, and there is no reason to pretend. We invite you to catch yourself in the feeling of hiding, disguising. We invite you to see when you pretend because you fear rejection and offense. Just see if there's anything there to see. If there is, it's an opportunity to accept … Continue reading Nothing left to fear


Depression is a waystation--something one passes through on the way Home, to the true self. As one passes through, one sees all the dysfunction, the underlying sense of abandonment and loss of hope that comes from not knowing one's true self, not allowing the true self to run the activities of daily life. When depression … Continue reading Waystation