Elevator descending

https://youtu.be/GvIk9RulwkU Imagine you are in an elevator, descending through layers of tension in the egoic identity structure. On each floor, ease and pause and allow the tension to be undone. After you have allowed the false thought of this layer to drain away, you descend to the next floor. It seems that the undoing that … Continue reading Elevator descending

Past and future as pathways to the Now

https://youtu.be/KRMBC9JHpF4 We invite you to pay attention to the times when you are focusing on the past or the future. Spiritual students are generally instructed to stay in the Now, but what about when your attention has strayed? Notice if there is any disquiet in your past or future focus. If there is, it is … Continue reading Past and future as pathways to the Now

Painting a picture of healing

https://youtu.be/CGLV1Ee6CFY We invite you to think of the body as nothing today. We know this is provocative, but it is a useful exercise. Bodies merely enact the thoughts you believe. Bodies serve ego when they enact egoic thoughts, and they serve us all truly when they enact true thoughts. You are not the entity that … Continue reading Painting a picture of healing

Give thanks for the coronavirus

https://youtu.be/bx-FrCLLQ60 When you go in to what you Are, you receive the stuff of miracles, which can flow out into your world from you. The body you aren't is the body that can be used as a communication tool in the world you made. You seem to be this body, but you are not the … Continue reading Give thanks for the coronavirus

Form is for healing

https://youtu.be/UmjZS-Bu3SQ You have an origin, and your origin is Love. It is very simple. Anything complicated is not true of you. You are simplicity itself. If you are simplicity itself, so are all. You are timeless and eternal, so all are timeless and eternal. So this is what you came from. Say goodbye to your … Continue reading Form is for healing

See the perfection

https://youtu.be/eIyP_BnMhQ8 Everyone has the option to choose to see perfection within everyone. It's an option. While you are seeing anything less than perfection in anyone who appears to be other, you always have the option to switch over from the "illusion" setting over to the "Truth" setting: Let me see this as Truth would have … Continue reading See the perfection

Everyone offers a gift

https://youtu.be/yr7OhvimM7o Your equals are your teachers and your students. All beings are your equals. Each one, without exception, is your teacher and your student. When we say they are your teachers, we are saying that every being holds a gift for you. Every being extends an invitation to you to accept ever-present joy. When we … Continue reading Everyone offers a gift

There is a gift in everything

https://youtu.be/gwGR4liBCEg We'd like to play with your notion of answers and solutions. Oneness is the answer to everything. If you remember that, every answer or solution that appears to come to you in form originates in the Oneness of us. On the one hand, form came into being because of your curiosity about what not-oneness … Continue reading There is a gift in everything