The dials of perception Think of your perceptions as dials. When you allow egoic thought to adjust the levels on the dials this way and that way, you feel bad. You do not feel bad because you have done wrong. You do not feel bad because anyone else has done wrong. You do not feel bad because of … Continue reading The dials of perception

The world is your thoughts projected In order to allow a change in perception, you must be willing to release a perception of fear. Think of a set of cards, each one with an image representing your world as you experience it. This is the hand you are currently playing. You can trade your cards with images of an unhealed … Continue reading The world is your thoughts projected

With your permission Whenever you experience any disquiet, it is a sign that your seeing is out of whack.¬† Whether you experience rage, irritation, depression, doubt, worry, fear, resistance, tension--it is all the same. It always means that something is awry in the mind, and that something can be put right now with your permission. Find the … Continue reading With your permission

Coming to your assistance We invite you to allow your ideas of helping each other to be transformed. If you feel inspired to physically assist someone, go ahead. How you see them before, during and after your assistance of them is much more important, however. Remember that you are always seeing the version of the character that you … Continue reading Coming to your assistance

See the Real There is only one lack--lack of correct perception. No matter how many different forms of lack you seem to perceive, there can only be a lack of correct perception. The world you perceive is a world based upon lack that you choose¬†to perceive. This is worth saying again: The world you perceive is the … Continue reading See the Real

The Shift in perception We are here to speak of the Shift.¬† The Shift doesn't need to be called the Shift, for it has no true title, but you will experience it as such. Those who are willing will experience a radical shift in perception, and this shift will be shared mind to mind, because there is only … Continue reading The Shift in perception

What do you want for Christmas? What you want more than any particular thing is happiness and ease. The only way to invite lasting happiness and ease is through willingness to have your perception corrected. What you experience and how you see the world is directly related to what you are willing to see and how you are willing to … Continue reading What do you want for Christmas?

Allowing what isn’t to disappear You have made fear foremost in your sight, and ego tells you that you must keep looking at it in order to remain safe. Ego is what isn't. It is the call of the separate personality structure. It is the call of the unreal. We encourage you to think of ego not just as … Continue reading Allowing what isn’t to disappear

All barriers are imaginary Perception as you know it--perception of the five senses--is a distortion. A life built upon the experience of the five senses and judgments about it must be dissatisfying. There is no way around this. There is no satisfaction in distortion, and it will never be felt. You can deliver to yourself temporary experiences of … Continue reading All barriers are imaginary