Activate the spark

My thanks to Kevin, who inspired this message with his question:What do I need to do to unblock my next level of spiritual growth? You are welcome to ask your own question 💚 Every density brings you a breakthrough. Remember this whenever you feel a density, a stagnation, or a fatigue, and you are … Continue reading Activate the spark

From the bottom up To seek physical comforts is to defend a separate self. We show you this not to send you into hard effort to resist the allure of physical comforts. We are here to support you as you become more aware of thoughts about physical comfort. You are safe in letting those go. You can accept … Continue reading From the bottom up

Prior to the stage dressing The only thing that can be insulted is not real. Therefore, if someone seems to insult you, they are alerting you to your attachment to an unreal self that can only bring pain. It's a favor. If you're willing to go into this sincerely, to see what thoughts come up and to find your … Continue reading Prior to the stage dressing

The shroud disappears You can't rely upon what feels so awful anymore. It's too clear not to. As you go deeper into witnessing the insanity that egoic thoughts offer, you come to see that it has taught you to regard everyone without exception as your sworn enemy. Do not leave anyone out. Mothers, fathers spouses, children, friends--ego … Continue reading The shroud disappears

There’s a place for us There is a place that you can go in order to receive the next line you speak, and that space is not the personality, with all its perspectives and opinions. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet your Self. When you become aware of this place-that-is-not-a-place, you meet all those you call … Continue reading There’s a place for us

Maintenance-free Self You are...fill in the blank. We want you to notice how you allow ego to fill in the blank on this question throughout the day. You maintain and groom this self. You protect this self. You defend this self. Anytime you are making decisions about the qualities of other selves, you are maintaining the … Continue reading Maintenance-free Self

Abiding in unlimited Self Allow this to be a day of releasing attachments. Anywhere you feel tension or contraction, you have tied your Self down, but only in thought. Your Self is always truly unlimited, but when you become attached to that which is false, you attempt to draw a limit around the Self and to play with … Continue reading Abiding in unlimited Self