Spirit empties pockets

https://youtu.be/k8XJKlXOG0A Not knowing is a divine opening. Think of the open-heartedness of not knowing. See how you have flung wide the doors. When you don't know, you are not putting any substitute in front of what Spirit knows. You are completely dependent upon Spirit, and this is a safe place to be. We draw your … Continue reading Spirit empties pockets

Flipped up in the air

https://youtu.be/JMS9fxJLdOU Things get shaken up in your life so they can come back down under Spirit's control. So whether you are looking at what you call your life or what you call the lives of others, remember this. When it looks as though things have become disordered or unfortunate in some way, the being experiencing … Continue reading Flipped up in the air

Spirit’s spatula

https://youtu.be/n-XPJ5R7Oy8 In order for you to judge anything, it has to be separate and independent from you. This means that any judgment you make from the perspective of being a separate one has to be based upon a fiction. When you are showing up as a fictional character in a fictional story, where is the … Continue reading Spirit’s spatula

Allow Spirit to use all of the symbols

https://youtu.be/iOFX4MWjdE4 Any situation that would seem to make you uncomfortable is a blast furnace for the ego, but not for you. What you Are is what remains when ego is no longer seen. The purpose of each day is the same. Each day comes to allow you the opportunity to allow ego to melt from … Continue reading Allow Spirit to use all of the symbols

Spirit uses everything to the advantage of all

https://youtu.be/t8U62afw_T4 We invite you to watch the impulse to fix. When it occurs to you that something in form needs to be fixed, know that in this moment you have an opportunity. What can shine through the belief that something needs to be fixed? What can shine through the belief that something is wrong, and … Continue reading Spirit uses everything to the advantage of all

Spirit will make it obvious

https://youtu.be/9wWABXEOCqk This is your opportunity to allow Spirit to lift burdens from you. While you seem to be in a place, experiencing time, "this" is every moment. The highest purpose of every moment is to allow the lifting of burdens. Think of burdens in terms of carrying. You think you carry responsibilities. You think you … Continue reading Spirit will make it obvious

Experiences of thought, sight and sound

https://youtu.be/46lSwj4Bk6M The only thing that is predatory is egoic thought. Egoic thought gives you the experience of predators and prey, and it is this way because you want it this way. You have put a system of protection in place, and this system of protection has never worked because the whole point of ego is … Continue reading Experiences of thought, sight and sound

Spirit as a bridge

https://youtu.be/aoxF3--RBgk Spirit is a bridge between the Real and the unreal. If you put your trust in Spirit first, and in its ability to guide you every step of the way, you will increasingly recognize the Spirit alive in everyone and everything. As you recognize the Spirit alive everywhere, the world seems to awaken in … Continue reading Spirit as a bridge