The benevolent wind of transformation By allowing in something that doesn't make sense to the ego, you agree to allow ego's foundations to be exposed and to erode. Ego is all about what a person can make happen through the person's own intention. "I want to build a house. I will build a house. I did it." It is … Continue reading The benevolent wind of transformation

You are carried, loved, and cherished When you can see another as yourself, you drop all resistance. You enter stillness. You are no longer defining and categorizing. The mental business dies down, and the glow of your shared Self is felt and seen. When you can see another as yourself, you drop all comparison. There is nothing there to use … Continue reading You are carried, loved, and cherished

Agents of transformation

We lovingly invite you to set down all of your beliefs. You don't have to set down the beliefs we share, which you may see as loving beliefs, beliefs that reflect Reality. They are not really beliefs, although they are presented to you as such at first. What you may see as loving beliefs are … Continue reading Agents of transformation

Transformation: Order up!

Friendly reminder: The world can transform very, very easily. When you know everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, and everything always has been okay, you allow the world to be as it is right now. What it appears to be right now is just the form it's taking. Forms were meant to … Continue reading Transformation: Order up!