The benevolent wind of transformation

By allowing in something that doesn’t make sense to the ego, you agree to allow ego’s foundations to be exposed and to erode. Ego is all about what a person can make happen through the person’s own intention. “I want to build a house. I will build a house. I did it.” It is about what seems to be done separately because of separate wills.

There is one shared will, totally incomprehensible to the ego. The ego is all about separate doing. Our shared will is divine will, and you can open the door to that shared will at any time. If you feel that you do not know how to open the door to allow our shared will to flow through you, simply state your willingness at any point during which you feel contraction or tension: “I am willing to open the door to allow our shared will to flow through me.” That’s a start. Over time, you will realize that you are only truly happy when you allow everything to be directed by the flow of shared will.

This can be especially effective when you are in the presence of a perceived adversary or when someone seems to be pressing your buttons. No matter what characters you are currently playing, you are all beings of pure light. Ask that your shared will flow through you to take charge of whatever situation you are in.

In any moment of disturbance, that unpleasant feeling is a loud call to you that at that exact moment, you have the power to allow in a shift in perception that will benefit all. When you are deep in delusion, you need a loud call to remind you that you can step out of delusion into clarity. That’s what negative feelings are. They are taps on the shoulder that you cannot miss. Give thanks for them.

When you lament how you are feeling and you look toward the circumstances in your world that seem to be responsible for that feeling, your back is to the light. Whatever you seem to be witnessing and experiencing now is because of your previous thinking and your willingness to perceive as an ego. There are no exceptions to this. The world you are experiencing is projected. Thoughts are the cause of this projection. The world is only an effect.

Turn around and look at the light. Allow that light to fill you.  Find your willingness to think, speak and act from that light. A negative feeling is a call to remember your true origin in the light. It s a reminder that you have a perfect opportunity right now to share that light with all. You don’t have to know how. You will be guided. Right now you are developing trust and faith in that light. As you see its results, you will allow it to take over everything.

Transformation is always standing right behind you. When you find your willingness to give up your stories about how someone is lacking, how conditions are not satisfactory, how something should change, you take your attention off the world and all stories about it.  When  you take your attention off your world, you are able to find your willingness to allow your perception to change, to allow the source of your thoughts to change, to allow transformation in.

Transformation sweeps through your hearts and minds. When you allow yourself to think differently and to feel the love that has always been there for you and all, your experience reflects that.

Transformation can do anything at all in the world, and it can come through any one of you.  It’s best if you don’t decide what transformation should do. In order to take your attention entirely off your world for a moment to allow transformation in, you can’t be deciding what it should do. Think of transformation as a benevolent wind you can trust. It will go where it is appropriate for the healing of all. Think of this benevolent wind as sweeping through your mind to and through all the minds that are joined with it, changing perception because there was a relaxation, an opening.

Instead of cataloging all the ways the world should change, you will get in the habit of simply allowing transformation to sweep through you. In fact, hold on to your catalog. Write it down. You don’t have to hide the fact that you still do want the world to change, that you think it has some real power over you and others, over your happiness. After you have cataloged all the ways the world should change, send that list to transformation, and turn toward the light whenever you feel disturbed. Transformation can use anything you make, and it will make the best use of your list.

We are here with you celebrating as you learn to hide nothing, and as you learn to trust the benevolent wind of transformation.

Photo by Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash

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