Agents of transformation

We lovingly invite you to set down all of your beliefs.

You don’t have to set down the beliefs we share, which you may see as loving beliefs, beliefs that reflect Reality. They are not really beliefs, although they are presented to you as such at first. What you may see as loving beliefs are simple Knowing, and you never have to remember what you Know. You never have to convince anyone of what you Know. You simply emanate it. There is nothing you have to do with what you Know. You don’t do anything with it, but somehow the Knowing inspires all your actions whenever you don’t place beliefs in front of it.

Knowledge is something of the world. It is something you have to learn, to accumulate, to remember, to apply. You never need to remember what you Know. What you Know isn’t belief-based, although it can be presented as such. It simply Is.

When you consider a belief, how does it feel? Does it feel contracted and tense? Does it lead to some kind of defense or protection in the world? Or does it feel expansive and joyous? You are free to set down anything that doesn’t serve you or others, and any belief based in the contraction of fear serves only the continued experience of fear.

When you let go of all the beliefs you do not need, what would rush in to occupy that space? Are you curious to find out?

As it turns out, You rush in to occupy that space, because there is nothing You are not. More accurately stated, You have always occupied the space that fearful belief seemed to occupy. It’s just that you hold something between your experience of self here and your awareness of the unified whole of Self. When you let go of fearful belief, the shining awareness of You as unified and whole now clearly occupies the space where the apparent back and forth of conflicting beliefs seemed to dominate.

It is safe to set everything down because everything you need comes to you through Knowing. As you rely on Knowing over knowledge more and more, you will see this reflected back to you as you look upon and experience your world. This is how you are an agent of transformation, and we delight in sharing this work with you.

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

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