Transformation: Order up!

Friendly reminder: The world can transform very, very easily.

When you know everything is okay, everything is going to be okay, and everything always has been okay, you allow the world to be as it is right now. What it appears to be right now is just the form it’s taking. Forms were meant to transform, and whatever you observe right now is no big deal.

Imagine allowing everything, everywhere, to be as it is, right now, without any blame or struggle. That’s peace, and peace begins with you. Remember that your mind is touching all minds in every moment. If your mind is in turmoil, you invite other minds to that turmoil. If your mind is at peace, you invite other minds to peace. It’s very, very simple. Turmoil is who you aren’t–ego. Peace is who you all are.

We’re not saying not to take action. We’re saying to stop whenever you feel turmoil and settle into the peace you are, the peace that other guy is. That peace is the perfect platform for action. Inspired action. Action that comes from a place of knowing all is well. Everyone playing a role here is playing a divine role, and all is destined to resolve. When you settle into peace, remember that your mind is touching that other guy’s mind, so in stopping to find inspiration beyond struggle, you didn’t just gift yourself with inspiration. You invited that other guy to it, too. How very kind of you.

There is no need to blame a world when you know you are projecting it. There is no need to struggle when all the information or inspiration you need is always in this now moment, waiting for you. When do you want to blame or struggle? When you’re feeling powerless. We invite you into the the simplicity of the power that you are, the power everyone else always has been. It seems too easy, but when you see it in yourself, you activate it in your experience. When you see it in all others, you activate it in your experience with them. Seeing is everything. The world follows along with how you see it.

Ego tells you to struggle and push. Ego rewards you when you have seemed to achieve a result connected to your struggle. Look! You did that! And it was because you suffered! Keep suffering! It’s all worth it to get what you want!

There is a bit to untangle here. We’ll start at the end. First, you don’t want to get what you want. That’s a statement worth untangling. In reality, you lack nothing. Nothing at all. Lack is not even possible, but you give yourself the illusionary experience of it in the world you’re projecting. Notice that want is a statement of lack, of unfulfillment. Take the shortcut to see that you are the fulfillment, and so is that other guy. In other words, all of the hard work is already done. All of it. You only have to be willing to access the level where it’s all done.

You cannot see this if you are identifying at the ego level. If you are identifying as ego, which everyone does for periods of time each day, but no one ever does all the time, you’re going to be tuning into some fragmented aspect of the whole, judging it, and then thinking, speaking and acting from a judgmental and fragmented place. Notice what we said, though. Not a single one of you identifies as ego all of time. It’s not possible.  Isn’t that so interesting? You’re already not doing that thing you usually do, every day. You simply expand upon that.

What is that? Just being. Just doing what comes from being, and that is all. Ego would have you attached to and projecting disorder at all times, but that job is optional. Ego wants struggle and suffering because that is its fuel. It wants you to suffer, and it wants you to fear suffering. That’s a nice combo that will keep you attached to it. The action it encourages you to perform seems to guarantee your freedom from suffering. It’s only a sales job, and you can see through a sales job.

Remember, you set up the sales job in the first place. You wanted to be convinced. The child of the creator wanted to know what not-joy would be like, and so it found out. That is all this is–a child at play. That is all the actions of anyone is–the actions of children at play. We know that it seems much more serious and tragic than that, but this is what awakening is–realizing what you have been up to the entire time.

You have been in the drama-making business without realizing it, and now you are consciously stepping back from it and discovering the simplicity of allowing creation. When you are not making drama, you can allow creation. One feels much better than that other.

The game ego invites you to is using judgment, effort and struggle to achieve specific effects. You can do that for as long as you like. Time will accommodate you, but remember that time is a hiding place you made and never needed. Ego effort does indeed yield superficial change. That cannot be denied. When you are absorbed in achieving superficial change, you do not allow transformation.

You are coming to understand, more and more, what your actions feel like, and it is becoming easy to drop the ones that don’t resonate. There can be an in-between time when you don’t seem to do much of anything. You have set down the voice of fear and are tuning into the voice of inspiration. This is already happening for you. If you’ll notice, this process is unstoppable because you have learned to value how you feel above all else. The idea of egoic satisfaction in pushing an agenda you call your own doesn’t drown out how you feel, and that is very good. This leads you straight to clarity.

When you are valuing how you feel and learning the difference between egoic and inspired action, you are settling into your true power. The base of who you are, this fundamental identity of power you share with all others–this is what you sink back into, this is what you rely upon when disturbance of any kind arises. When disturbance of any kind arises, remember to thank it with a bow. It just invited you to root yourself more deeply into the always-shared power you are.

When you value how you feel, you begin to know how deeply you want to experience peace with your sisters and brothers, how much you want loving thoughts, words and action to emanate from you at all times. When you know this about yourself, you take the time to go to the stillness whenever you feel confusion or disturbance. This means that when you have left your awareness of your true identity and that of everyone else, you take the time to return to it. When you do this, you are allowing the energy of transformation into your experience.

When you return to stillness, you allow everything to be as it is right now. When you allow everything to be as it is right now, you begin to see that it is very good. You begin to see that each being is perfectly placed, playing a divine role with perfect timing. You begin to be amazed and grateful that this is so. When you have entered this space, you have passed all notions of victimhood and wrongdoing. When you are abiding in the space beyond victimhood and wrongdoing, you are touching each mind in love. When you do this, you invite all minds to empowerment, peace, remembrance and forgiveness.

These are the transformational moments. In these moments, you are ordering up a world beyond and without victimhood and wrongdoing. These are divinely exciting times and wonderful work you all are doing! It is our great honor to work alongside you.

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash


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