Being wrong is good news You can also listen on Spotify, Rumble, and BitChute.Truth is always very helpful to you--not a relative truth about perception, but the essential Truth of all that is. Whenever you feel disquiet, you are denying Truth and attempting to assert a relative truth about perception. It's just a habit--a habit that comes from the … Continue reading Being wrong is good news

The actual and true What is yours belongs to everyone equally without exception. What is truly yours belongs to all equally, and everything else is unreal, a facet of illusion. Your ability to look through the unreal, as if it is transparent and meaningless, directly to the Real, is what bring you peace. A preferred condition in the … Continue reading The actual and true

Behold! Set your gaze inward. Inward is where your treasure lies. Inward is the direction in which to go if you wish to guide all those you call other to their treasure, equally available and equally deserved. Inward is where truth lies. Inward is where you leave confusion behind. When something outside seems to disturb, … Continue reading Behold!

Focus upon Truth Everyone has always loved everyone. This is the Truth hiding underneath the illusion. If you are experiencing the illusion, it is always because you chose it. If you believe you see anything different than the extension of love everywhere, your choice has everything to do with it. We tell you this not to place … Continue reading Focus upon Truth

Carried out of the maelstrom Ego is an opportunist. It is designed to appear real in your mind. It is built on an algorithm, sending you the thoughts that you are most likely to believe and to take seriously. We are prior to ego, always an invitation to lightheartedness, gentle laughter, and joy, no matter how serious ego tells … Continue reading Carried out of the maelstrom

You were there with me

When I received the title for this message, I felt invited to find a reference to it in the Bible or in A Course in Miracles. I didn't find anything, but if you see a connection there, let me know. ๐Ÿ’š We wish to speak of the confusion. The entire physical world was made … Continue reading You were there with me

Open to truth The miracle is like an eraser, erasing sight of what has never been real or possible. It will serve you to understand that the miracle doesn't change anything real. It is simply a reflection of the disappearance of wrong-minded thinking. Changes in form are only a reflection of changes in thinking. You can decide … Continue reading Open to truth

The truth about Truth You have access to Truth at all times. Nothing can keep you from your access to Truth. The only thing that can obscure Truth to you is your own preference. It is essential that you understand the power you are as you awaken. Although you can fantasize about being hurt or manipulated, the only … Continue reading The truth about Truth