You were there with me

When I received the title for this message, I felt invited to find a reference to it in the Bible or in A Course in Miracles. I didn't find anything, but if you see a connection there, let me know. 💚 We wish to speak of the confusion. The entire physical world was made … Continue reading You were there with me

Open to truth The miracle is like an eraser, erasing sight of what has never been real or possible. It will serve you to understand that the miracle doesn't change anything real. It is simply a reflection of the disappearance of wrong-minded thinking. Changes in form are only a reflection of changes in thinking. You can decide … Continue reading Open to truth

The truth about Truth You have access to Truth at all times. Nothing can keep you from your access to Truth. The only thing that can obscure Truth to you is your own preference. It is essential that you understand the power you are as you awaken. Although you can fantasize about being hurt or manipulated, the only … Continue reading The truth about Truth

Open the way for Truth to come Thought has all the power. Experience is the effect of thought. If anything in your experience disturbs you, go back to cause--your thought. Ego would tell you to look at cause as an outer condition, the wrong actions of a person, or a defect within yourself. Ego always lies. Simply go back to your … Continue reading Open the way for Truth to come

What sort of world will Truth make? We wish to draw your attention to chains of action. During your day, one action seemingly follows another and then another, and some of these action sequences can be seen as revolving around a central concept. Take the action of doing laundry. All of the actions in doing the laundry revolve around the idea … Continue reading What sort of world will Truth make?

Remove your hands and make demands Today we invite you to notice how the separate identity is tied up with seeing a world of separate objects and separate people--a world with individual volition. The idea of separate identity is inextricably caught up with the idea of physical cause and effect. The belief in physical cause and effect produces the sense … Continue reading Remove your hands and make demands

The eye of Truth Your physical eyes seem to see separate things. When you hear the voice of ego telling you what you can get out of those separate things, what the use and the value of those separate things is, which things will satisfy you and which things will threaten you, which things are desired and which … Continue reading The eye of Truth