Nothing is separate When you are judging something you are judging a thing, separated and cut off from the whole. When you place a high priority on how you feel, you can feel judgment. That feeling simply says, "Stop. Go within." Whatever answer or resolution you were seeking from the activity of judgment, it is available from … Continue reading Nothing is separate

Wholeness takes over When you allow a miracle, you allow a sense of wholeness to replace an inner sense of lack. Having allowed your gaze to be moved from unreality to Reality, you begin to see reflections of this Reality around you. Allowing a miracle means that you allow your mind to be changed about something. It … Continue reading Wholeness takes over

Seeing through lack to Wholeness Whenever you feel any disquiet, there is a sense of lack. Watch this during the day. See if this is true. Whenever there is discomfort of any kind, lack is perceived. Ask yourself, "What do I think is lacking here?" This sense of lack is false. Time was originally made for proving the idea … Continue reading Seeing through lack to Wholeness