Everything serves you on your return Home

You are an extension of God. If you have a God allergy, you are an extension of All That Is. You are an extension of Source. Is God’s finger any less than God? How can you separate the work of the finger from the work of the whole?

Let’s take a moment to address the God allergy. It is understandable. If you view God as one who has the power instead of you, then believing in God is believing in a lie. You are right not to believe in God if it takes your power away. In terms of the divine will associated with God, you are right again not to believe in God if you think it means that there is a will not your own that will take over and cause things to happen, some of them quite terrible.  You are entirely correct in not believing in such a God.

However, you are God. You show up in this incarnation as God’s finger, as an individuated aspect of God. God’s will for peace, harmony and joy is your will. There is no will more powerful than yours, because there is only one true will. All of the conflicting wills you sense and experience are egoic. You’re here to see through all of that. In other words, you’re here to see through all the bullshit. You are correct not to believe in a bullshit version of God, and you are also correct in not believing that suffering is God’s will, your will. Your will is always in alignment with God’s will, and the will to suffer is always an indication of the false will of ego. It’s not really anyone’s will at all.

We, as extensions sent forth from the pure and powerful energy that we always are, are constantly engaged in plays of energy. The ego experience is an extreme play of energy in which the unreal is very believable and brought into experience. To bring so much suffering into experience is actually an incredible achievement of sorts. You have convinced yourselves that the untrue is true, and then you live the experience of it. If you think you’re not interested in extreme sports, think again. Just by showing up on this planet, you’re engaging in the most extreme sport there is.

You are here to see through and dismantle the ego experience to provide a broad and clear pathway Home to the remembrance of who we all are in harmony. We have always seen you as harmonic beings, not suffering beings. You are rather firmly caught, however, in the experience of suffering, and that experience is constructed of constant, moment-by-moment reference to ego to define your experience.

The process of awakening is a process of constantly interrupting that attachment to always consulting the reference book of ego. You interrupt your pattern so much that it finally breaks, and love, the only reality, has a clear conduit into the world through you. Through you, this allowance of love spreads very rapidly to other extensions of God, and sanity returns to the world. A neat little plan, is it not? You’re in on it. The harmonic aspect of you, your “higher self,” has been in on the planning all along.

You also need us to address our use of bullshit. Bullshit is a neutral word, as all words are neutral. To some of you, it speaks powerfully of getting down to the basics and not faking anything.  That’s the sense in which we use it. (Although “where” we live, this is a big joke, because all of your experience in separate will is elaborate fakery.) To others, you experience a jarring sense of remembrance because of what others told you about the word or because of times when others used the word in a deep state of disturbance.

We’re using it to give you an opportunity to forgive it. All your judgments are reflected back to you. The deep sense of disturbance others displayed to you in vulnerability, every time it happened, was only a reflection of your deep sense of disturbance in apparently separating from the whole in conflicted will. It all comes up to the surface so you can see your judgments and forgive them.

When you feel the energetics of a situation, you can feel the densities. Those pockets of density always reflect what we have going on, so truly nothing is happening outside of what we are. Every time you encounter a pocket of what feels like density, you are encountering an opportunity for your own healing, your own release, your own forgiveness. The deeper you go into forgiveness and seeing through illusions, the more wonderful energy you have to share with all others.

What we call “wonderful energy” they may experience as disturbance, at first. But even the experience of that is another reflection for you, another deeper layer at which to undo the illusion, and when you allow the illusion of conflicted will and subsequent suffering to be undone, you serve all.

So every time, without exception, you feel the presence of a nugget of tension or density, it’s clarity knocking at your door. Clarity says, “Hello, dear friend. I love you. I come to serve you. Today, if you would like your misperception wiped away, I am here for you. May I come in?”

This is where your fearful legend of vampires comes in. Every fearful tale of a monster describes a way in which you would disguise and resist love–a way in which you would give it a horrific form and convince yourself you are threatened by it. Since all is love, anything that shows up as other than love in your world is actually in disguise. They are all experiences reflecting how afraid you are of the love you are. In the case of the vampire, it is said that a vampire must be invited in to a human home in order to enter.

Is is the same with clarity knocking on your door. You must invite it in during the very moment of tension, the very moment of dense, seemingly impenetrable feeling. In order to let clarity in the door, you must walk away from your reference tome, the Book of Ego. The book of separated consciousness and will tells you what is going on in your world. It is a very absorbing read.

If you are lost in this story and clarity knocks at your door, you will see a vampire. Not all are completely lost, however. In fact, it is impossible for any being to be completely lost. That is why you all need each other, and each one of you is perfect for all others with whom you find yourself, in thought or in the physical. Each one of you has particular ways in which the clarity of love flows through you, and you are all here to share that flow of clarity with one another.

Let’s say there is the veriest sage who can levitate and reverse aging and appears as a god to others. And there is a beggar. And the sage experiences a disturbance in his peace in the presence of that beggar. That is the beggar’s very fine gift to the sage–the opportunity to resolve that bit of density without reference to what either one of them thinks the physical world is, the opportunity to accept that healing, thereby sharing it with others. Of course, the sage has gifts to share with the beggar, too, because they are eternally equal. Everyone around you is always perfectly placed. Clarity will tell you this. The Book of Ego will tell you something entirely different.

When you become willing to interrupt your fixation upon the Book of Ego, clarity can speak to you and through you. Clarity can tell you what is really going on here. Clarity can show you all the illusions you made, all the illusions you participate in upholding with your thoughts and beliefs, and help you see through each and every one. Clarity can assist you as you rise above every hierarchy you ever invented or reinforced.

When you allow clarity in, there is no judgment. You are fully able to feel, but your thoughts become unimportant. You can feel when you are accepting the thoughts suggested by the Book of Ego, and you can feel when you are accepting thoughts from the freshness of clarity. The ways in which you have been fooling yourself begin to drop away. There are certain feeling states that you have accepted as positive or desirable that actually turn out to be painful. You become more and more sensitive as you allow yourself to feel, as you hear the knock of clarity and allow it into your mind and your experience.

And now, we have to be a little more accurate. You don’t allow clarity in. You simply recognize what is already there, what always has been there. You don’t break free of your absorption in the Book of Ego. You realize that you always have been free.

When you accept the ongoing assistance of clarity, every being who visits you in thought or in the physical is recognized as a ray of light. If you experience density of feeling in their presence, they have come to help you undo misperception. If you experience lightness of spirit in their presence, they have come to reflect the truth of you back to yourself. Every being deserves equal thanks for the equally beneficial work they are doing. They are serving you, and when you accept their gifts in joy, they begin to awaken in appreciation of what a perfect role they are playing. They begin to see what a perfect role you are playing, too.

Eventually, you get the point at which you’re not just encountering others in order to advance some objective within your life story or to achieve some sort of satisfaction. What moves into the foreground is ray of light meeting ray of light. What gifts do you have for each other? What will you feel in the presence of this one? What will be resolved? Everything is secondary to that, but everything, in terms of your life story and its trajectory, is set up perfectly for bringing you into contact with those rays of light, both in thought and in the physical, with whom you have something to exchange. Wherever you are, whatever is happening, you are perfectly placed. You come to see that. You come to live that. In that state of nonresistance, miracles can happen.

You came here to see. You came here to see through this great and intricate illusion, each and every facet of it. Every time you refer to clarity to enlighten your perception, you bring forth the energy that makes clear seeing available to all. Your only job is to feel, to be, and to see. Whenever you feel the tension or confusion arising, invite the simple clarity of All That Is, the love that you are, to enter into the moment with you. This could take the form of a breath, a mantra, a feeling of settling into Truth or Reality–whatever represents accessing that clarity and that love to you.

When seeing clearly, seeing through the illusion of the physical and any judgments you might make about it, staying in touch with the wholeness you and all others are becomes more important than anything that could distract you in the physical. When seeing is more important than anything, you can begin to see all the layers, all the things that seem disparate and conflicting but have never been anything but one. What you have thought you have seen has never been anything more than a reflection of your choice for conflict, and the choice has always been yours. This ownership of your choice is also what opens you up to the experience of divine will, because you recognize it as your own.

You are the one, flowing as the one, and you appear to be individuated. Eventually, the physical can’t fool you anymore. It is never the cause of pain. Pain in your experience is always confusion coming to you and asking for release, and you can do that. You know how to do that, simply by allowing the feeling fully without assigning it a specific home in the physical, referring back to the whole as the true reality, and remembering your willingness to release that which doesn’t serve you.

We are here with you as you access those deepest layers of attachment to the physical, feel the intensity of it, and remember your willingness for the confusion of those attachments to be removed from your experience. We are here with you as you understand the source of that intensity, that tension, that pain, that confusion, as a choice you made for conflict. We are here to remind you that all choices for conflict are innocent, and there has never been any need for forgiveness because there has never been any need for blame, any reason for punishment. We surround you radiating the energies of safety, acceptance, and remembrance of the love you truly are and always have been.

Photo by Daniel Hansen on Unsplash

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