Wholeness takes over

When you allow a miracle, you allow a sense of wholeness to replace an inner sense of lack. Having allowed your gaze to be moved from unreality to Reality, you begin to see reflections of this Reality around you. Allowing a miracle means that you allow your mind to be changed about something. It means that you agree to experience something other than the limits that ego has been imposing. Miracles help you to feel safe and at home in the limitless.

The sense of wholeness that the miracle provides is available at all times, regardless of what seems to be happening. Once you discover this sense of wholeness, you learn to fix your gaze there at all times. As you learn the importance of fixing your gaze upon the sense of wholeness always available to you and all, you also learn the importance of ignoring ego’s meaningless distractions.

The only reason you allow ego to distract you is that you believe the content of the ego’s distracting thoughts is true. When you see that ego sends you nothing but false thought, you begin to see the meaninglessness of everything the ego sends your way. When the meaninglessness is obvious, it is easy to ignore egoic thought.

Miracles take what you have perceived as separate and put the broken pieces back together. They show you the wholeness beyond limits, the joyful aliveness present everywhere. You only have to be willing to look beyond that which you thought was real. You only have to be willing to allow the sense of joyful aliveness to take over as the decision-maker in your life.

Miracles unify perception. When you allow the perception shifts of miracles to come into your life, you begin to see the same thing everywhere under a thin and meaningless surface. Life becomes a celebration of this only-thing-there-is. As you trust the happiness that miracles bring you, you allow their influence to expand. Happiness is about seeing what is Real everywhere, not about trying to get some unreal things and trying to avoid other unreal things.

When you allow miracles, judgment fades. Miracles bring all good things, and judgment keeps you in unreality. It becomes very easy to see that you prefer ease to effort, everyone’s worthiness to everyone’s unworthiness, being held and carried to struggling. You stop judging the surface of life, knowing it to be meaningless, and you refer to this inner sense of wholeness. The inner sense of wholeness takes care of you and everyone “else,” so you trust and allow.

We delight in watching your sense of threat diminish as your sense of wholeness increases. We are here for you in every moment, emissaries from the Wholeness all Are.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


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