Seeing through lack to Wholeness

Whenever you feel any disquiet, there is a sense of lack. Watch this during the day. See if this is true. Whenever there is discomfort of any kind, lack is perceived. Ask yourself, “What do I think is lacking here?”

This sense of lack is false. Time was originally made for proving the idea of lack over and over and over again. At Home with your Creator, where you are now and where all “others” truly are, you are whole. There is no lack. When you perceive lack, focus on your intent to see through this game. With focus, you can see how ego’s suggestions distract your attention away from the wholeness of you and all.

No lack truly exists, but you use thought to make situations of perceived lack. You can stop making situations of perceived lack. You can allow the world to reflect the truth of your Wholeness back to you. Simply turn your focus within, to the Reality of what you share equally with all divine siblings, and inspiration will guide you in peace. You are learning that there is no peace without keeping your focus upon what is Real.

As you return to awareness of True Self, you agree to have the perception of lack corrected wherever it seems to occur. Do no condemn yourself when you notice that you have perceived lack. This is simply habit-undoing, pattern-reversal. As you allow the habit to be undone within your mind, you make the ease and joy of this undoing readily available to all.

Having your perception corrected becomes more important than anything physical you could do. In this sense, every situation you encounter is for you, and every situation your divine siblings encounter is for them. Each situation is perfectly fashioned for perception reversal. Give thanks, and know that you and all are supported in every moment.

You are held, you are loved, and you are always given the perfect opportunities to see through the dream to Reality. We thank you for your willingness to see.

Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash

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