Day 7 – Seeing how we build identity

The Relationship Process
Day 7 – Seeing how we build identity

When you find genuine gratitude for the opportunities for healing that come your way, you build a foundation for true appreciation of your fellow beings.

Find any person you associate with disquiet. This is the savior upon whom we will be focusing.

Greet the healing being who is helping you today. The one who seems to be the cause of the disquiet will guide you to a gentle, soothing quiet that will radiate from you:
[Name], I appreciate the opportunity to work with you in thought today. Thank you for the gifts you offer.

Now, scan your memories of this being. Is there any perception of wrongdoing that is active and believed?

Example: [Name] ignores me.

If you think of something that seems factual when you look at the world of form, then see what judgment you attach to it. For example, if the fact seems to be this:
[Name] owes me money

Find our which judgment is attached to that perception. Example:
[Name] is irresponsible.

A world of duality depends upon your perception of others as the opposite of what you want to be. If you want to show up as responsible, you are going to require irresponsible characters in your storyline. It is new and different to think in these terms, but seeing this is the key to your release. If you desire any positive quality and you think it is possible for some people to be better than others, you are requiring the opposite of your ideal to appear in your story.

So if a healing being is showing up in your story as irresponsible, you are using the image of that one to hold onto the part of your personality structure labeled “responsible.” When you are listening to and believing egoic thought, you build a personality structure based on judgmental thought. This foundation is unstable because it is unreal, so you must constantly struggle to maintain the personality structure, attempting to find a stability in what can never be stable.

Ego tells you that your security lies in the personality structure. If you build one for yourself, you must build one for all the other characters in the story. You view all of the different personality structures in a constellation with your own, and you value them differently, comparing them constantly.

The personality structures actually block the view of the love you are, the love all others are. Each interaction with a healing being offers you the opportunity to drop your exhausting attachment to the personality structure in some way. In other words, all healing beings invite you to relax into who you are. Who you are is who they are, so when you can look past the surface, you help everyone.

Look at the healing being. Look at the personality structure you have built up for that other. Look at the personality structure you have built up for yourself. Notice where the structures contrast.

I perceive myself as [positive quality].
I perceive [Name] as [negative quality].
I am willing to perceive our equality instead.

When you are attached to perceiving different qualities in yourself and others, the storyline must obey the thoughts you are believing.

Thank the healing being who is showing up in your dream to guide you out.

[Name], thank you for showing me how I build personality structures for both of us. I am ready to set down the struggle and to abide in peace and happiness with you now.

If you can, stop every hour to repeat this to yourself.

Once you have set your intention to remain aware of the gifts the healing being is offering, recognize the power of your focus:
My work is whole, perfect and complete for today.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


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