The Relationship Process

This is a multi-day process for going deeply into your view of others-who-are-not-other. The relationship process goes slowly and invites you to appreciate each step of seeing your divine siblings truly, giving you access to the gifts they always hold for you.

Once you are able to accept their gifts, you can share healing with them and grant them release from their ego-roles. Remember, all is projection. What you are projecting seems to change as you allow healing.

Each exercise is designed for you to accept perception correction related to those with whom you believe you are experiencing particular problems. As you go deeper, you’ll use it more quickly and as soon as you notice that you feel pain. If you can do this process sincerely and completely with one person, you open up the way to doing this all the time whenever you feel a disturbance.

This approach can be used whenever your thinking about another troubles you. Those who are not in the physical are still alive and communicating. Those from your past are still connected with you mind-to-mind, so do this process focusing upon anyone at all. When you go deeply into this with a focus on one person, that one is actually a placeholder for all of us. One of us can teach you how to see all of us, and then life gets happier and easier.

Day 1 – Noticing feeling
Day 2 – Noticing thought
Day 3 – Noticing what you are seeing
Day 4 – Experiencing the truth of another
Day 5 – Understanding projection
Day 6 – Seeing perfect roles
Day 7 – Seeing how we build identity
Day 8 – One healing being is all healing beings
Day 9 – Accepting healing to hear guidance
Day 10 – Thank all healing beings

Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

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