Day 8 – One healing being is all healing beings

The Relationship Process
Day 8 – One healing being is all healing beings

You may have noticed by now that it doesn’t matter which healing being you are focusing upon. If you are inviting healing by focusing upon one, you are inviting healing for all. It is very beautiful work you are doing.

When you think of those you perceive to be other, does one stand out to you as representing disturbance or being wrong in some way? Pick that one today.

In thought, thank that one for the opportunity to heal and to share healing:
[Name], thank you for the opportunity to work with you in thought today. I appreciate the chance to heal and be healed. I know that you represent an opportunity for me to set down a heavy burden today, and I am willing to set it down.

It is not actually possible for you to judge anything other than what you are feeling, but you make the attempt daily. It is this failed attempt that causes the dissonance you feel in daily life.

However, the healing being you are focusing upon seems to be the cause of the dissonance you feel in some way. Describe your perception of how the healing being seems to be defective or causing disturbance in some way.

[Name] is ________________________.
[Name] performed this action: [Describe it.] This means __________________________________ about [Name].

It looks as though the healing being is responsible for your feeling of dissonance, doesn’t it? The illusion is very convincing!

However, the healing being can only ever be a reflector of what is active in the mind. Let’s say that the healing being appears to be oblivious. The apparent fact that the healing being should pay attention to something she misses seems to be the cause of your disturbance.

She is actually enacting a little play for your benefit. The play is called This is How Your Mind Works. When you look at life this way, it’s a fun way to learn how your mind is working and what blocks you are holding up to keep love away from you.

So the healing being is showing you an enactment of how you miss essentials. If you take this as a personal criticism, you are following the ego. The ego functions well when you believe you have been insulted, because in that state you accept more egoic thought.

We encourage you instead to see these healing beings as enacting messages sent directly to you, with perfect timing, to show you how to feel the Love you are. How do you do that? You do it by setting down the burdens you have been carrying. So each healing being is either inviting you to set down the burdens you have been carrying, or they are simply sharing and expressing the joy you are. There are only two settings for a healing being, and a healing being is what you are for everyone else, too.

So the one who seems to be oblivious is an angel sent to you to show you that you are missing something important. You don’t have to know what it is. Here are two things we recommend that you do:

1. Talk to your nonphysical friends. Ask to be released from the condition you believe the other has. For example: Please help me set down the burden of being oblivious to true, loving thoughts. I can see that I don’t need this burden, and I ask you to take what I am offering.

2. Thank the healing being for showing you exactly, precisely where you can set a burden down: [Name], I thank you for playing a perfect role in my release into freedom and joy. I share this freedom and joy with you because I released the burden of being oblivious to true, loving thought. I accept and share love in place of this burden. 

Focusing in this way is very beneficial for all. Recognize the benefit of what you have done:
My work is whole, perfect and complete for today.

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