Unconditional happiness

It is possible to feel happy about negativity? Yes! Once you get the hang of what release is, once you get the consistent sense of what follows in the wake of that, the structure of victimization collapses.

This is a very exciting thing. Once you begin to trust in the process that returns you Home, the ride becomes a happier and happier one.

Let’s look at what the ego does and what the ego wants. The ego wants to hold you still. It wants to hold you fixed in an identity that you compare to other identities, and it wants to keep a sense of limitation attached to your idea of who you are.  The ego is based upon a sense of want, a sense of lack and separation from abundance, and when it can convince you to believe thoughts founded on a sense of being cut off from what you need, it’s temporarily in charge.

When you awaken to the fact that the ego is not who you are and that it has its own automatic self-preserving system of reactivity, you become very wise to its antics, its suggestions that you find the locus of problems out there in the world you’re always co-creating.

You learn to become completely dependent on the truth of who you are, the flow of harmony and inspiration that is always there for you. There is a switchover point when that sense of knowing you’re always supported begins to feel very rooted for you, much more constant.

This is exciting because as your trust deepens and grows, your ability to share that energetically with others grows, too, and this is a marvelous feeling. In very simple terms, when you are truly happy–not just because of conditions and definitions, but because of your joy in knowing your true identity and that of everyone else–you’re able to share that happiness in relationship. Unconditional happiness.

This is the point at which it’s actually possible to look forward to the experience of negativity or density arising. Here’s another thing I get to clear out of our experience! Here’s another thing to release! It feels so good to clean house!

This feeling comes when you’re able to accept responsibility for everything that comes into your experience without a sense of fault. The feeling of celebration comes when you truly realize that you and all others have always been innocent. Once this sinks in, the process of release gets easier and easier, more and more joyful.

As you become more rooted in joy as a state to which you always have access, the process of creation gets very interesting. You’re headed into transformation territory now. Joy is nothing more than the remembrance that you are pure and innocent life, and you have always been vibrating in unending harmony with All That is. When you know this is true of the other guy? Bliss! Enjoy the ride.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash


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