You are the incomparable

When you enter the energy of comparison, you are looking behind you. When you are looking behind you into the past, it is because you are not trusting the resources this moment brings you in the form of stability and safety.

The very fact that we’re able to say these words to you, and you’re able to hear and absorb them means that you’re ready to release.

And yes, we hear you. There is only one true release into Oneness, but all of these moment of mini-release as you approach that. That. Just stop right there. Can you feel into the energy of that? That divinely appointed moment, perfectly scheduled, when you will release all the layers of limitation that block the moment-to-moment experience of Oneness?

You can, can’t you? So just sit right there for a moment. That point in time is only now, too. It’s just another point of now. So we’re approaching it. And as we approach it, you release more and more and more.

Remember that all you need in order to release, all we need in order to assist you, is your willingness. Your willingness is guaranteed. There is only so long that you’re willing to suffer, and you see in our collaboration the conduit to the release of all that. Sooner rather than later. Sooner rather than later. We’re repeating that because when you work with us consciously, the release comes with more ease and fluidity.

When you look into your past in the energy of comparison in order to evaluate and decide, you have left the profound power of this shining moment. We’re calling you to it, and this means that inevitably you’re going to experience the joy and lightness and opportunity of it more and more and more often.

Inevitable. That’s another word you’re allowing us to repeat to you. We can only speak to you the words you will allow, and we would like you to recognize the significance of allowing the energy of inevitability through in such a profound way. This applies to the ones reading as well as the one who is tapping these words out. The happy ending is profoundly inevitable and this moment…stop and feel the vibration of it.

Can you feel it? Scintillating joy, dancing energy. Again, this one couldn’t be tapping the words out and you couldn’t be receiving them if you didn’t know something of this. This. This feeling is why you don’t want to leave the now moment. This is where everything is. Where everything united is, love is always present.

This doesn’t mean that you should put energy into suppressing comparison. Realizing that you are looking into a fearful past will transform those moments of comparison from misguided stability-seeking into release into the stability that is already here, that always has been here.

Release because you are willing. Allow. Enjoy. You are the incomparable, and so is everyone else.

Photo by Joe Roberts on Unsplash

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