Invitation to celebration

There is only one where.

No matter where you are, no matter what seems to be happening, we are all together in this one space, and all of your divine siblings share it with you. We are not separate, and we are not conflicted. We are harmonious. This means the truth of yourself and of all your divine siblings is Peace.

We are always joined in the same place of peace and joy, and that’s the only place that’s Real. From your actual condition of harmony–on top of that–you have been dreaming this dream of conflict and opposites. The opposites are not actually possible. They could only occur in a dream, by way of concepts believed.

There are many ways to penetrate through the surface of the dream. Here’s just one: Whenever you perceive distance from one of your divine siblings–oppositional, emotional distance–this is simply not true. Remember where you truly abide together, in harmony. Allow this dream to become a reflection of Reality. Spend a few moments within, in contemplation of the place where you are joined with all others. Allow action and speech to emanate from this space–the deep well.

Whenever you are searching for a solution to an apparent problem, it doesn’t come from a separate, struggling you on the surface. It comes from the place where we are all joined, where we always have been joined. It comes from the deep well. All that you need for the dream role is here for you, so refer back to this shared space often. Remember the magic of the breath–one breath. Allow the place where the in-breath meets the out-breath to represent a return Home. Return Home many times a day to receive exactly what you need to walk out of the collective dream with all of your divine siblings.

Ego identity, or separation identity, is the reference book for perpetuating the illusion of separation perception. Ego identity is the surface. Whole identity is Reality. Is is the deep well, the source of abundance to which you always have access. Whole identity is the reference for allowing knowledge of what’s Real to eclipse the illusory in your experience. Simply return, again and again. Allow your awareness to abide here, in shared and harmonious identity, and from this space allow the world to unfold around you. There is no worry about what to do in the world because it simply happens. It is clear.

If there is any agitation or confusion, you are focusing too near the surface–not actually where you are. That is why you are hearing and feeling these alarm bells. Go back to the Source and allow the world to do what it does from there. In order to release from the surface, you must surrender all of your concepts, but you don’t need them. Without and beyond concept, you will play your role beautifully as the world transforms.

You come from celebration, as do all others. Celebration expands constantly. There is no end. There is no threat. You are leaving perceptions of struggle, conflict and toil to abide joyfully in this celebration. Stay here. Watch from here. Act from here. Speak from here.

Today we send constant and clear invitations to surrender concept and enjoy the expansiveness of celebration.

Photo by Snowy Vin on Unsplash

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