Learning to fly

We wish you give you wings to fly. Flying only requires your willingness to see things as they truly are. As part of your flying lessons, we want to bring together two concepts that seem separate.

First, there’s the idea of desire. Think of all the things that call to you during the course of the day, whether they are seemingly insignificant or very, very grand. We want you to think of desires as all having one common root–the desire to experience the freedom and connectedness of Home. In other words, all desire calls you Home. We would like you to think of your friend desire as innocent and very, very useful.

Now, the other part of equation–the idea of will and willingness. There is one divine will, and that is always aligned with harmony and love. Love–the only true power there is. All else is illusion. Thy will, not my will, be done. There is no conflict in this statement when we are seeing the separation undone, when we are seeing innocence and equal power everywhere.

But in daily life, there seem to be gaps. There is the gap between what you perceive to be desire and what you perceive to be will. There is the gap between what you call good desires and what you call bad desires. There is the gap between what you call free will and what you call divine will.

So we’re here today to correct the perception of all of those gaps. You are on a journey Home, to true union with Divine Will (a union that already exists, that you only have to see). So on this journey, you’re going to see a narrowing of the gap until there is no longer any gap. Where you are right now is perfect. You’re simply on your way back to that.

When you walk from point A to point B, you don’t stop five minutes from your destination and berate yourself for not being there yet. You simply keep walking.

So keep walking, in trust and in faith, and notice along the way that the perfect situations come your way to help you see these gaps narrowing–between perceived good desire and perceived bad desire, between what you think of as free (and disordered) will and alignment with divine will.

Think of these things being here right now. There is one desire calling you Home, and it will call you to all the actions you need to do, that you will delight in doing, along the way. When you are Home, it is the end of conflict and confusion. You simply create in joy.

What you get to enjoy now is your approach closer and closer to this simplification of all. No more opposing forces because there aren’t any, not really, and the more you see this, the more you see the energy of opposition in the world you are projecting falling apart.

Simply trust in this flow that is carrying you Home, and remain aware of your intention to see things as they truly are. All else will follow from that.

We love you, we are always with you, and we are very pleased with what you are allowing and what you will allow even today. These are glorious times!

Photo by Bill Williams on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Learning to fly

  1. We wish TO give you (there is a you inbetween). I’m pointing at something congruent but not important. No more opposing forces! That’s the point I take with me!

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