You are the force that transcends limitation

You are subject to nothing, and neither is anyone else.

We know it looks that way. The ego has set up a scenario to ensure its continuance, to promote a continued sense of individual victimization and vulnerability. You can see this now. See it from the vantage point of the love that you are, the love that encompasses everything, the God everyone is.

There is nothing and no one in which God is not present. There is no situation in which God is not the force that powers it. Whether you are experiencing a bad dream or a good one, it is the energy of Love, the divine flexibility of God, that you are using to power it.

Recognize yourself as the dreamer. What are you going to dream up today?

It doesn’t take effort. It only takes willingness. Are you willing to become the dreamer who dreams a happy dream and who shares that with others who are also God, who always have been God? Are you willing to share this dream with all others, without exception? The way is easy and without effort.

If any anxiety arises, the ego has come into play with its sense of limitation and threat.

That limitation and threat has never been and could never be you, but it always has been rooted in a choice about what to experience.

That sense of limitation and threat is actually very small and weak. The only thing that could keep it active in your experience is your choice to defer to it. It is a deeply ingrained habit that has touched your experience on every level. Are you willing to release it now? We stand all around you.

What do you think would happen if you let go of it? Everything that comes to mind when  you contemplate that–it’s simply an old momentum. The ego has never protected you or what you are. It was simply a means for introducing disorder and imbalance into your experience.

You have always been safety itself. You have always been love itself. So has everyone else.

So when you look at your current experience and its apparent limitations…what to do, what to do? You need do nothing, but your willingness is important. Are you willing to allow transformation to occur, and are you willing to be an instrument of that transformation?

The transformation we’re talking about is allowing your experience to align with the truth of what is, of what always has been.

You are subject to nothing. You are prior to all experience. You encompass all experience. You, in harmony with all other beings, have always surrounded every experience you have ever had. The experience would not have been possible without the energy of love. Love powers even frightening illusions, because that is what free will is all about. Free will has been about exploring the furthest reaches of what is possible.

And now you are experiencing the returning awareness of all that you have been doing while still embodied. Allow the inspiration that you are, the love that you are, and the unity that you are and always have been to flow through your dream today. It is truly up to you.

We stand with you, always, and we always see the very beautiful truth of who you are.

Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash

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