Your gift is within

A determination to acknowledge what is Real and what is unreal will serve you in this experience. It takes focus and a willingness to remember what is actually true in the midst of a firestorm of distracting images and experiences. Hold onto your determination to see and know Truth–not a relative truth about a world that never existed, but the Truth about your Self.

When you are upset, you are viewing the Oneness as if it is fragmented, as if this fragmentation is real. You are trying to see what couldn’t be, and it is this that brings on the upset. The upset is the useful alarm. We would like to recommend a substitution. When you are upset, the ego suggests a reason for the upset. For example, I am upset because I do not have enough money. We would like you to become accustomed to seeing ego’s reasons as the smokescreens they are. When you are upset, an alarm goes off. An alarm goes off because you are trying to see What Is (only Love and always Love) as it isn’t (a world of fragmentation and threat). This alarm alerting you to your attempt is helpful and useful. Give thanks and go within.

When you go within, the next layer of false thought that has surfaced can be dissolved in the light of truth. This is a gift. Give thanks. This means that each time that you become aware that you are upset, you need only go within to receive your gift. The feeling of upset becomes a herald of healing and relief. The next layer of illusion can be released. This is your pathway to freedom.

When you are irritated, you are trying to see what can never be. It’s good that the alarm of irritation goes off at these times in order to alert you to what you are doing. Ego will tell you a reason for your irritation: There is a loud noise, and it is not bearable. You can believe this or not. It is always optional. How about a sense of adventure? You’ve done the believing-the-smokescreen routine long enough. Why not peek behind the smokescreen of the idea about what is causing your irritation? You are irritated because you are blocking the light, and the feeling of irritation is a useful alarm.

How do you step back from blocking the light? Don’t believe the ego’s stories. Go within. There is a gift for you. Accept the gift in gratitude with a full sense of your worthiness. Just take a couple of breaths in this inner spaciousness, beyond all worries and ego stories. This is the source of the gift that takes care of all problems that seem to be out there in the story of time and space.

The world has no power to bring about an adverse feeling state within you. Recognize the powerlessness of the world you are projecting with thought. It is only experience you are giving yourself with thought. The real power is who you are–the Self you share equally with all others, without exception.  Go within to this Self. Recognize the unstable nature and the meaninglessness of the stories ego tells you, of the causes for feeling states that the ego invents. You can see through all of this now and relax into the light you are, the light everyone is.

Let go of all your stories, and it becomes immediately apparent what your character needs to do within the healing drama. Stay in this flow, and it is obvious that ease is yours. It is yours, and you are able to share it with all by seeing your unity.

You are the power, and you have all the power. If you have all the power, then so does everyone else. If everyone has all the power, then everyone is equal. Bring all of your stressful stories to this truth. Your stressful stories are all stories about inequality. Find your willingness to see all characters in your stressful stories as they truly are, and you will allow yourself to experience the peace they truly are.

We walk with you as you find your willingness to get to the heart of everything, and we abide in the peace of truth with you always.

Photo by Reid Zura on Unsplash


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