Hold still…transformation coming!

You are that which sweeps through limits, and you are the limits themselves. There’s nothing you are not. Let’s just start with the Big Truth and take it from there.

Think of what you turn to for a sense of safety and stability. It could be an idea of yourself–of a certain level of abundance, of a certain degree of personal attractiveness, of a certain fortunate situation in life–everything you do to try to hold a concept of yourself in place because you fear that which would be other than you.

Well–newsflash–you’re everything. So good news! There’s nothing left to fear.

This is a beautiful and transformational moment–the fact that you and others are allowing this message through as you. You’re allowing it through in a very profound way that will bring on the experience of our co-creation of a physical representation of reality. The reality that has only ever been peace, freedom and harmony always there beneath the thin layer of illusion you chose to see instead.

That means you have held the key all along, and now you’re using that key in harmony with us. You’re going to allow the illusion you have created with the power of who you (and all others, always) are to fall away. You’re going to let it happen.

You can see now that every limit you perceive is permeable. You are discovering the reality of no limit where you have erected the ghost of a limit and have held that in place with the power of love.

There is no other power, so all along, the power that you have used to hold limits and pain in place was the only power that is. It has never been anything but a very convincing illusion, but it has always been very weak. Once you realize the power of what you are, the power of what the other guy is, and the power that is the very fabric of the optional illusion, you will reorganize the molecules.

“Can I do that,” you ask? Look at the mastery of you. Look at the mastery it has taken to hold vibrant, vibrating life in apparent continuity of stagnation just because you wanted to experience what it would be like to feel cut off. Only now you’re remembering what you did, and you are just beginning to realize that anything at all is only the work of a moment.

Allow this to dawn on you fully in time and through time. You have many gifts to receive and give now.  Time is for healing and for the full realization of all you are.

We’re here with you, eager to experience the joy of witnessing your return to the full realization of yourSelf (all of your selves uniting in divine harmony) on the return Home through time. As you return Home, you give to us. You bring us the joy of completion, of our sisters and brothers returning to us.

We tell you hold still…transformation is coming! Because when you are seeking, seeking, seeking outside of yourself, you’re chasing after the transformation you are. And now you are beginning to see that, to feel that, and to energetically share that with others. Yes, the words are wonderful, too, but what you radiate…what you radiate! Truly divine, to know yourself as you are and to look across the room and see another that way.

You are holding still in any series of seconds you glory in what you are, and then the power of transformation grows stronger and stronger within you, and therefore within the collective. You are a most beautiful sight to see, and we thank you. As we love All That Is, we love You.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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