Rest in life

Rest in peace. You silly humans only say this when you believe one of your divine siblings has died. They have just released into peace.

What if “rest in peace” became your salutation, your greeting for each other? When you rest in peace, when you abide there, what becomes possible on your earth? You are about to find out, and we are enjoying this journey with you. We thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It truly brings expansion to all.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions first. Because you are life, you cannot die. When you do set down the body, it will be exactly on time, to the second. This is a great place to bring assumption into play. Say to yourself, “I know I will set this most wonderful body down at the perfect moment, resting in the energy of love, and until that moment I’m going to sing and dance and express the love that I am in any way it comes to me. This is my function. I am complete, and I continue forever in play and exploration. I am life itself, and I cannot die.”

When you are complete, do you know what can come to you? You are and always have been complete, but when you rest in the loving awareness of that alongside your divine brothers and sisters, knowing they are complete, too, everything is free to come to you, to be expressed through you, to show up in your experience, to be shared with you.

When you rest in the peace of who and what you are, there is no room for fear, no room for ego. You have returned Home. When you rest in the divine power that you and all others are, you have empowered yourself. You bring access to that transformative power to every situation where you appear.

Everywhere you step, you leave a light behind you. In every movement and action of your brothers and sisters, you see and celebrate the light in them.

We’re telling you (at your invitation–there is no way we could communicate it otherwise) that this is a very palpable reality, and it’s just around the corner.  It’s what you are making space for as you release, release, release. You release, release, release your concept of the darkness. You release, release, release the idea that anything is anyone else’s fault. You release, release, release the idea of victimization. You release, release, release anything at all that would stand between you and your seeing and experiencing your full empowerment, your seeing and glorying in the full empowerment of your always-innocent brothers and sisters. You release doubt. You release hesitation. You release judgment. And you don’t stop until you are finished.

Gradually, gradually, we have convinced you. We have convinced you to step into the light of your very own self (and your sisters’, and your brothers’). We have invited you, and you have answered the invitation, to see all as innocent, all as held in the light.

It’s done. It’s finished. It’s guaranteed. Your destination is certain.

“Are we there yet?”

You’re always here.

“Are we there yet?”

All is well.

“Are we there yet?”

Abide. Abide in what you are, little one, immense one, powerful one, dear one. Rest. Appreciate. That is how you get there. That is how you remember you are here.

All that arises will subside, in terms of disturbance. It is guaranteed. The more often you can remember who you truly are, where you truly are, what you truly are, who all others always have been…

…here is your answer key:
1. Love
2. Resting in peace
3. The light
4. Divine beings in harmony playing roles to return all to the conscious awareness of that

…so the more you remember that, the more everything falls into place. Remember it often, and know how much we love to see you facing all that is false and seeing through it.

Isn’t it funny how what you once thought of as death (ego death in this case) becomes the most divine experience of life there is? Rest in peace. And live! We love to watch you grow.

Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash

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