Your pre-existing condition

We regret to inform you…we will just tell you directly. Take a deep breath and be strong as you hear this. The matter that you came to us about–it’s a pre-existing condition. We are afraid that there’s no additional assistance that we are permitted to offer you. Our hands are tied. Further–be brave, now–there is no cure for your condition. There is nothing anyone can do about it, but take heart. We are told that people can live very happy and joyful lives with your condition. It just takes an adjustment in your thinking. We wish you very well as you face this challenge.

We know the condition of Worthiness must seem like a great burden to you, but in time, you will adjust. In a case such as yours–full, complete and never-ending Worthiness–we know it must seem daunting, but you are going to meet others with your same condition. You can form a support group!

We could not resist playing with the energies of this. Your realization of your full and complete worthiness, your realization of the full and complete worthiness of others as a universal pre-existing condition–that’s a death sentence for the ego.

We can hear it, “I’m melting. MELTING!!

Lest we get into a mode of regarding ego as enemy and adversary, let’s set that perspective straight. You are the computer programmer. As God (as all are God, all are unified in the energy of All That Is, and all have created this experience together), you have ventured into extremes of experience in the play of energy that you are.

So as God, you have programmed into existence artificial intelligence whose primary objective is to continue to exist. The ego is the sense of separate identity that has been placed over our actual condition of unity in order to obscure it. The ego doesn’t care what comes next–suffering or satisfaction–as long as it keeps in place this sense that you are separate, vulnerable, and have enemies.

You are going to see and feel and hear this experience of ego and separation you programmed and chose while you are rewriting the program. Isn’t that fascinating? When we speak of you, we are speaking of our co-creative experience. You are rewriting the code with us as you allow ego to unravel and unravel and unravel.

So as we reprogram, and as you reprogram, you’re going to experience many energy shifts. You are not victim to these energy shifts. You are not subject to these energy shifts. You are inciting them, inviting them, accepting them.

Think of a rather large boulder in your path. We want you to see this as a symbol of ego in general, but we’d also like you to see it as a symbol of something more specific in your physical, human life–something you would like to see shift. So there’s the boulder. How to shift it?

Blow out your candles. How did we just shift from boulder to cake? From blockage to celebration? We shifted. It is very easy for us to do. It is very easy for you to do when you recognize your worthiness and the worthiness of all others as an incurable and pre-existing condition. That is the one thing that cannot be shifted.

How are you going to shift that boulder in front of you? Part the grasses. A boulder is a cake is very tall grasses. You want to walk through those grasses, so what do you do naturally and with very little effort? You simply part them and walk through.

We would like you to become accustomed to ease. And happiness, while we’re at it. If you know that shifting boulders is equal to blowing out candles and parting grasses, you’re pretty casual and relaxed about it. And why should you become accustomed to ease and happiness? Because you are and always have been fully worthy. Everyone is and always has been fully worthy.

We now present our next episode of “But Look! But Look!”

The very first thing our computer program of ego will do when we mention full and timeless worthiness for all will be to point to human misdeeds. But look! Someone is unworthy! Someone should be punished!

Someone wrote a computer program that included all sorts of virtual swashbuckling and separation from what is, but it was never anything but virtual. Your prime objective now is distinguishing the real from the virtual. Anywhere you would place blame? That is the virtual. There is only one of us, and the one of us seems to have performed all of the misdeeds. This is the basis of forgiveness. My bad. My virtual bad. Love is the only thing that is real.

I received such a joyful seed concept for this message this morning because the nugget was worthiness. I was so excited to share it with friends, but I have to say that doubt is coming up right now. You all are so blunt about what we’re doing, and I appreciate it, but won’t I fry people’s circuits if I’m that blunt? What do I know–I’m just the translator…

People have been waiting to understand just what they have been doing here. Don’t worry! If this message will fry anyone’s circuits, they will be so bored or repelled that they won’t be able to read it. They will gleefully chuck it aside, and that is as it should be. It’s not a comment on anyone’s worthiness. It’s more a perspective on all our apparently separate parts uniting in exactly the right way, in exactly the right time. That’s why there are so many messages and so many messengers.

So if we’re being blunt, shouldn’t we provide some context? Shouldn’t we mention…gasp…The Event? I do want to mention The Event, and I don’t. Our ego program always takes a giant crap all over it, but it’s helpful to see a universal effort. 

We still like to call it a party. Can we talk about The Party? It’s simply our reunion. It’s a return of the awareness of our Oneness, our unified identity, with your cooperation. At the soul level, you know all about this party, this family reunion. In your human experience, this may be the first you’re hearing of it. You are a party planner, and you’re attending the party.  If you are not aware of playing a specific role in the mass return of the awareness of Oneness to humanity, this is your formal invitation, gilt-edged, no less. Penned in exquisite calligraphy by you. What a fine hand you have.

If you don’t understand how you just invited yourself to a completely non-exclusive party, there is a more expansive version of you called your Higher Self. Your Higher Self put the invitation in the mail, and that expansive version of you sees the very specific role you will play as we all realize we’re always connected, all apparent wrongdoing has come about through our choice for experience, and love is the only thing that has ever been real.

In this lifetime, you are going to allow your perceived, separate self to merge with your Higher Self to an extent that we have never seen before, in the sense of your timeline. We only left Home (our awareness of the Oneness that has always existed) to return Home with a much richer appreciation of who and what we all are.

So let’s bring this back around to the idea of worthiness. Your ability to maintain your awareness of your worthiness and the worthiness of all others, without exception, is like gas in the tank. This process of undoing the ego program (and therefore ego or separate identity’s predominance in your daily experience) chugs along quite nicely when you remember that you are part of this shift, this shift is nothing to fear, and you actively invite the energies of it to you.

We say this because the ego program will send you thoughts that encourage you to cling to the only safety you have ever known. You have been accustomed to relying on your separate will, your separate identity and your separate efforts to effect change. You have been accustomed to relying on judgment based on the idea of separate identity and varying worth in order to decide which changes should come about.

The ego is programmed (by you, for the purpose of experiencing separation, which you have done a very thorough job of–congratulations) to suggest thoughts that would leave you clinging to fear, resistance, and the idea of a stability that would prevent any shift in perception (from the false to the true) from occurring in your experience.

We say this not to frighten you further, but just to reassure you that ego’s hold is weakening. As you stay in touch with the truth of your full and unchangeable worthiness, and that of all others, we are reprogramming and undoing together. Awareness is participation.

As you consciously and cooperatively participate in a deepening of awareness that can only be collective, the truth of who we collectively are radiates out from your experience into others like a very kind virus. As you allow the love that we are, the worthiness we are, to radiate and extend, all the issues you considered personal simply clear themselves up, as easily as the blowing out of candles and the parting of grasses.

You have no personal concerns. You have a daily and very believable experience of separate personal concerns, but you are coming to know how to allow the energy of the Whole, of what we are, to sweep them all away. Sometimes you believe that a particular condition must change in order for you to be happy. Tell us, would you rather that you wake up tomorrow with the condition changed yet a persistent feeling of density and anxiety, or would you rather wake up radiantly happy with the condition unchanged? They are not mutually exclusive. The condition can change or not. We simply ask you to place primary importance upon your feelings, since all else follows from that.

We have a simple prayer for you today:
Let me be happy, and let me share that happiness with others.

We are always with you, and we are full of joy as we participate in the undoing of the sense of separation together. When you allow our joy–right now, in the presence of all wanted and unwanted personal conditions–to reach you, you are sharing it with others, and that radiance of light is very beautiful for us to see.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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