Body instruction manual

You see yourselves as bodies. You see yourselves as bodies so much!

Well, duh.

Yes, we get it, but you’re also right that we don’t get it. We are not currently embodied, and from this state we call you as our equals into deep awareness of what it means to express through a body. We call you to the space around a body. We call you to what is prior to a body. We call you to what will outlast a body. We call to you from beyond time so you can know that you are here now. We will call to you eternally because we are the call, and so are you.

Are you willing to release attachment to worry about all bodies? We are going to make a sales pitch. Here’s why that might be an attractive option, in addition to our 90% off sale right now.

Take a moment to feel the energy of worry. The contraction, the tension, the cowering because something horrible might happen, perhaps because it is deserved. Worry has its roots in guilt. How much clock time do you spend in worry? How much clock time do you spend in a more aggressive variant designed to hide the fact that you’re spending clock time in worry?

Worry. Is this the vacation destination you prefer?

Now toggle over into the energy of compassion. Yes, that’s right. Toggle over. You do get to choose. Your muscles are just developing. You get to choose. So hop over into compassion right now. How does that feel?

Connected, calm, clearing, cleansing, appreciative. When you spend time in compassion, you might weep, clearing your attachment to all that isn’t. Pay it no mind. The body shakes off the tensions it doesn’t need. It is a marvelous instrument for allowing healing into your world. Feel the heart-opening of it.

From the space of worry, you will struggle to control. From the space of compassion, you feel your deep connection to all, and you allow inspiration to move you. You allow every being to have her path, his choice. You allow all things, but you are also open to love in every moment, so when love wants to move you, you respond. From the depths of compassion, you are available as love’s servant.

Worry is about bodies and about the bodies’ perceived control over their circumstances. It is about blame for wrongdoing and finding ways to control one’s way out of events that will result in punishment of some kind. Worry is completely based on fiction.

It is not wrong to worry. It is simply a choice to which you have become accustomed. When you find yourself in this energy, take a moment for yourself, out of love for yourself. Breathe. Remind yourself that that are other modes, other gears, and you are open to them now. Say it loud and say it proud that you chose worry. Take responsibility and never blame. This enables you to choose again.

Compassion is about our connection and the goodness and sweetness underlying everything. Compassion brings you to that great well of inspiration that enables you to respond to those events which are there for your growth and for the growth of others. Compassion takes you where you truly want to go, so you learn to trust it. Compassion takes you directly through the apparent limits of whatever seems to be in front of you right now. It enables you to see through those fictional limits to what is.

Worry takes you deep into the illusion, so you learn to set it down, and set it down quickly. You could worry about a body, or you could connect with a spirit through compassion–listening and remaining open to what Life would like to express and enact through you next.

You’re such a tool! We like that phrase. If you work in an ice cream store, you are not the scoop, although you can become fluid and one with the scoop as you carry on your daily activities. What we’re saying here is that you can always allow the beautiful spirit that is you to animate the tool–the body–completely. Wherever there is tension or blockage or resistance, it’s in invitation to meet yourself. It’s an invitation to see what you’re grasping instead of complete love for yourself and all others. What are you using to blot out the awareness of that? It’s always you doing it, which means it’s always fixable. You are not the body, but you encompass the body, and the body is a tool through which you flow.

The truth of all bodies, no matter what else you might observe about them, is that they are always perfectly placed for love to activate and act through them, as them. This is what relationship is about. The parts of relationship that feel good relate to the activating and sustaining awareness of the love that we are, effortlessly, through inspiration. Anywhere you don’t feel it, you’re the one who is blocking it. Only always.

Same for the other guy. Within your illusion, as your characters, you can always prevent your love from extending to another, and that is what feels bad. Only always. It works the same way for the other guy. If you see the other guy feeling bad, the other guy is blocking the extension of love, and he’s your divine mirror so you can learn how to let the love flow at all times. If you learn how to let your love flow out to him, he may experience a moment of spontaneous extension, and it will feel good. He’ll come to trust that feeling.

The most important part about meeting other bodies is not whether you can convince the spirit animating them that you are this or that and not the other. It’s simply this opportunity to join in love. It’s always simple, and it’s always there. Once you feel how wonderful it is to share the awareness of love in this way, you will just stay in this space more and more.

A reminder about the body: You seem to experience it the way you do because of an intention to experience the illusion of a volition that is not your creator’s.  The body is most definitely an illusion, a part of the dream you dreamed in order to experience what could never be.

However, within this illusion where things seem so weighty and limiting, the body is a perfect means for enactment and radiation of frequencies that will shift perception. As you allow your perception to shift, you allow the body, within the dream, to emanate a frequency that calls all other souls out of the dream.  Do you recall this plan to awaken from the dream? The safety net? Can you allow the tendrils of that memory to come back to you? You could never get lost in it forever.

Let’s bring this into what you perceive and what you are experiencing as the day-to-day. Make no mistake about it–even this is a choice. We want to acquaint you with your choice and your power at every turn. It is key. It is key. So simply remember whenever you take a breath and intentionally reset. Whatever you are feeling subject to, you are here to see right through it, divinely in touch with your choice and your power.

Whenever you believe you are seeking bodily relief, this is a great opening for perception correction. This doesn’t mean that you don’t pee when you gotta go or drink when you’re thirsty. We simply invite you to playfully poke at the mythology of the body, the monotonous repetition of assumptions you make about it, allowing the fear and the worry about “staying alive” to emerge and dry up in the sun. Can you see how absurd it is to worry about staying alive when you are life itself?

Yes, you say, but you don’t have to drag this bag of dust around and tend to it. Allow the tending to be effortless. Allow the tending to be beyond all concept. Beyond all concept. Every time you catch yourself attaching to a bodily concept, invite yourself to this great opening we’re suggesting to you.

It’s called teamwork. We’re completely revising this collective body experience, and we guarantee that you’ll love the upgrade. On your end, you detach from all the body concepts so the new experiences can come to you that help you express as a more effective conduit for love. As happier, too. When you are fulfilling your function, you’re happy. It’s that simple.

You’re a publishing house, but you publish telepathically. You emanate. As you emanate, the dream changes. This is all mind stuff. It only looks like body stuff. Mind is always prior to body, but the physical enactment feels very, very good when it is in alignment with the return to awareness of true self. So when you walk down the street, you share the good news without saying a word. You invite everyone into their expansion, and you invite them to invite others into their expansion, too.

You don’t need to understand all the ways that this happens, but you do need to understand the open vs. closed feeling. You do need to understand where the joy comes from, and it always comes from being open to enact your function. All of your differentiated functions are actually the same thing–the expression of love. Can you see them coming together?

This is a lot of rewiring. Take it easy on yourself. Be gentle. Do what you want to do. Do what brings joy. Set the idea of tomorrow down, and assume that we’re all working on it together, and it’s very beautiful work. You, in isolation, don’t take care of anything anymore. You allow.

Allow yourself to know that every body–everybody–is perfectly placed for awakening right now. Everyone is poised to encounter the situations and events that will assist their flow into and through awakening. This is why you can allow everything that is happening in your world to happen. It’s all serving the highest good–right now. The most disturbing parts of it are churning up all that you aren’t so you can release it.

This is a telepathic group project. Yes, it has accompanying acts in the physical–acts of service and aid and support and healing. By allowing all things, it doesn’t mean that you never help anyone in the physical. On the contrary, it opens you up to many acts of service. It puts you in the right places at the right times.

It takes confidence to know that the body is being employed in the service of who you are rather than on behalf of a fiction. You can trust the feeling. When you are feeling good, feeling relaxed, you are letting it flow. When you are not, there is something to release to allow the flow back in. It’s always very simple, and the events of your day and your life show you exactly what remains to be released. We are here as your receivers of all that you don’t need, and we accept it in great joy.

When you think of yourself today, think of your beautiful spirit abiding with us. That is where it has always been, you know. Think of your beautiful spirit, in complete harmony with ours, animating the body today, and let your love–our love–flow out into the world.

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash



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