See them as they truly are, and they will blossom as who they truly are

Excuse us, but could the owner of this body please step forward? Who owns this body, please?

Who does own a body? Oh, the occupant? And who is that? Who occupies the body? The entity occupying and operating the body–its it merely contained within it, trapped, or can it exceed its bounds? How is the owner or occupant of that body different from the owner or occupant of this body over here?

We ask these questions playfully, and we don’t intend to answer them. We only suggest that you keep them open today and allow life to bring the answers to you. Because the body is the ego’s darling, it is very good to take a look at it to see where your perspectives on all bodies–yours included–reflect an attachment to egoic thinking. When you see it, you begin to dissolve it. When you see it, you allow the foundation of love and balance to seep through into your experience .

Is it important that you see bodies in their current form? Be playful with this. What if you could only see balls of light instead of bodies for a day? That is a much better representation of who you are, of who your brothers and sisters are. Are you willing to give over visual perception to the purpose of healing? Are you willing to see light and color as reflections of the energy we are?

Can you make your perception of energy and how it’s flowing, visual representations of vibration–can you make that more important than seeing and evaluating bodies? When we encourage you to see the beings with whom you interact, beyond the bodies they appear to occupy, we are not asking you to ignore or reject any bodies–anybody. You’ll find that when you become aware of the opportunity to perceive energetically, you can deeply appreciate smiles, loving gestures, the beauty of eye contact. You can also receive your brothers and sisters in love when they frown, stomp and glare. When you make the energetic primary, you will delight in the movement of energy through the body.

We invite you to notice if you believe thoughts about fixing when you are observing or thinking about bodies. We invite yourself to ask, “Can I accept this body that I am thinking about or looking at, completely, exactly as it is, right now?” If you find that you cannot, it is a great discovery, because you now have the light that you are trained upon the blockage and already beginning to dissolve it.

If you are looking upon a body or thinking about a body, and you’re believing that somebody is bad or wrong, just look at that for a moment. You are looking upon a completely innocent being expressing through a body, and making a judgment about the strife or disorder you observe in that one. You’re locating it in that one as if that one is truly trapped within a body.

Let’s take this slowly. It will help to remember that the energy we all are extends. It is never trapped. So the energy you are is an individuation of the whole that can experience and be in relationship, but it is never trapped. Bodies suggest to occupants that they are limited to them, but this is not the case.

If you can see your brothers’ and sisters’ freedom, you can see and experience your own. You are not summed up by a body. You are not limited by a body. You are using the body as a tool for a particular form of experience.

You are not a body, but you encompass the body and the experience. You are energy, as is everything. In a physical world, energy manifests as physical form. It is all the outpicturing of thought. Do you see how flexible it is? Do you see how open it is? Do you see how you have your finger on the pulse of what will happen next? You are truly not subject to anything. It is only a fixed idea that you yourself have accepted and reinforced. And now it is crumbling!

Simply put, you are an individuation of light and love, truth and innocence. So is everyone else. So, in the playful spirit of joyfully exploding this illusion to reveal the perfection that has always been, let’s think of one who has been central or instrumental in keeping the restriction of what you call your matrix in place. Think of that one. You don’t have to have a particular person in mind. Just think of one who seems to hold a lot of what your world views as power. Now, see the light and truth, innocence and joy in that one. See directly through the layers of costuming and disguise, directly through. How can that one come to know herself unless you light the way? Right now, you are caring for her, escorting her toward love and away from strife.

No, you don’t force a separate “her” anywhere. You simply create a magnetic pull–a trail of light that is very easy to follow. You create that attraction by seeing the reality of her, seeing and feeling the reality of all players actively engaged in current power structures. Simply see them as they truly are. They are only rays of light, and they are perfectly placed to assist all beings truly as they move toward awakening. Your role is that you create the attraction that helps them do this.

Now look closer to home. Do this for everyone. Look in the mirror. Do it for yourself. That’s where this journey was leading the whole time anyway–self-forgiveness. You chose to experience yourself as separate from your creator, who has always been one with you. Yes, there is this big and true-within-the-illusion story of those who prevented you from knowing your connection with your creator. It is time to see through this story.

Seeing through this story of victimization is the only way to empower yourself fully, as yourself, and therefore be of greatest service to your brothers and sisters. No one and nothing can prevent you from knowing and experiencing your connection with your creator. It has always been up to you. Nothing could dent or diminish, even by a fraction, the power that you are. You could not dent or diminish another’s power in any way. Only in a story. Only in a story.

So within this story that you are dreaming, there is the experience of agitation. Allow it to help you. Whenever you experience agitation, notice that there are some concepts that are prominent, and they are concepts that you are accepting and thereby promoting in your experience and in the experience of everyone around you. You attach to concepts about bodies, seeing beings as separate rather than eternally connected and supported and loved. You look at the bodies, and you find individual bodies culpable, blameworthy.

Now look at the bodies again. Each being dreaming up that body is responsible. Responsible means capable of loving response. See the power of love in that being, expressing through the body. See them as they truly are, and they will blossom as they truly are. They will provide what you expect because you are imagining this. You two have a relationship. You each provide and enact the expectations of the other. Here is the alignment you are coming into: You’re each going to expect nothing but love from the other, and that is what you are going to get. Can you see how simple this has always been?

You can only have the idea of blame when you believe that you yourself are not supported and cared for. You can only have the idea that you are not supported and cared for if you believe you are unworthy. You can only believe you are unworthy if you feel guilty of something. And we say to you now, the only thing you have ever been guilty of is dreaming a dream! There is no blame in that.

Now you are here to see the same of the world you and your fellow beings are dreaming together. You keep delivering what you expect of each other, so expect the best. The platform for expecting the best is total acceptance of and embracing how things appear right now, in total forgiveness. When you forgive yourself for your role in dreaming this drama up, you are able to release the drama and flow into harmony.

We assist you in great joy every step of the way, and it is our delight to speak with you as your friends and equals. Here’s to our collaboration!

Photo by Irina Kostenich on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “See them as they truly are, and they will blossom as who they truly are

  1. Perfect interpretation! (I got a similar message today using a finger puppet as an example of the body.) Sending you Angel Hugs and the sweetest of Blessings 💞😇✨🤗💕 Have a Beautiful day!

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