From distortion to focus

You are looking through a camera. Bring the whole into focus. Just for a moment. Yes, you can focus on particular parts, but bring the whole into focus. We would like you to bring the whole of your life story into focus, and in order to do that, you must include all of the stories that … Continue reading From distortion to focus

Here comes the sun

Feeling is your guide. You can feel when you are powered by mind and when you are powered by Mind. When you allow flow from the nonjudgmental awareness that we are, there is no disturbance. When you are engaged in separated mind, you can feel fears and defenses. When you are mistaking these fears and … Continue reading Here comes the sun

Emerging from amnesia

You are already free. Now allow any reactiveness to that to float to the surface. You seem to become free through the process of releasing misconception, but the truth is that you are free. You are free to continue to act as if you are bound. Reactiveness there? That is who you aren't. Allow it … Continue reading Emerging from amnesia

Allowing love to blossom

You're on a trajectory. You're on a trajectory toward many things that could be described, but we're going to talk about the foundation of this trajectory. To see the basis of this trajectory is to open your eyes to its transcendence. It's also to allow the trajectory (the life experience, the world experience) as it … Continue reading Allowing love to blossom

The light we are dissolves what isn’t

You can do anything you want to do. How does that feel? Do you believe it? If you don't believe it, what seems to stand in your way? Is it perception you've adopted because of the evidence the world you've made through illusion seems to show you? We suggest to you that the illusion you … Continue reading The light we are dissolves what isn’t

Gifts of the inner fire

We invite you to step into the inner fire of desire. That which has burned in you ever since you left the full and complete sense of wholeness--allow yourself to feel the burning of it in you now. That burning has always been there since the moment you thought you left (yet never did). It … Continue reading Gifts of the inner fire

The fruit of desire

Desire. Sit in the vibration of that word for a moment. How does it feel to you? Does any judgment arise when you contemplate the state of desire? We invite you to play a game. Whenever you notice the experience of desire today, say, "Congratulations to me!  I have felt desire! I am alive!" And … Continue reading The fruit of desire

The time of the lion and the lamb

Let's take a look at experience. You struggle with experience at times, and you also flow with it at other times. What is simply called Being from the perspective of timelessness is called the flow within time. Staying in the flow is about staying in being rather than in reactive struggle against experience. What you … Continue reading The time of the lion and the lamb