Forgiving yourself

You make illusions. You came into this incarnation and conformed to this system of illusion-making. It is now time to release illusions and allow the real to arise within your experience.

It will be easier for the real to arise within your experience if you are not looking into the past and wishing you had not made illusions. You are perfectly placed for healing right now. All always are, always. The past is already cleared away the moment you reach another now, which is only the same now. In other words, when you stay in the now, there is no past. The past has no relevance.

The only time the past does have relevance is when you are engaged in the work of forgiveness and release, putting the past to rest with love. That is its only purpose now.

When you stay in the now, creation can flow through you. Love can extend into the world. When you stay in the now, illusion-making is not possible. If you want to tell the truth, and the truth is Love, stay in the now.

In the making of illusions, you did nothing wrong. You simply exercised an option that became available to you. When you see that you have done nothing wrong, you can remove the energetic clamps that you yourself hold in place. You can remove the pressure you exert on other minds through judgment, allowing them to flow with reality, with what is, which is only love.

In believing that you defied your creator in setting up a world in which you, as a separate entity, wield control, you believe that you have done something impossible and yet still wrong. There is pride there. There is guilt.

Anytime you feel the need to proclaim what you, as a separate one, have done, it is an echo of this pride, this belief that you have successfully separated from your creator. This thought comes up in many forms. We have encouraged you to think of it as a prerecorded message. You could believe it or not. Belief is always optional.

Whenever you feel shame or embarrassment, it is an echo of believing you have done wrong and thinking you need to hide from your creator. Believing your need to hide from your creator, you do the thing you are allowed to do within this illusion. You block the energy of the creator–all of us, All That Is–coming through you into the illusion. When you do that, you have the experience of powerlessness, limitedness, vulnerability, pain and fear.

You are always giving yourself the experience of your choice. This is one to allow to sink in. You are always giving yourself the experience of your choice.

There is never any punishment. Do you experience those moments during the day? Moments when you feel punished by life, moments when you believe life will punish you in some way.. Even just being unsure. This is all based on a belief in punishment coming your way because you believe you defied your creator, when such a thing is not possible. It never was possible, and it never will be possible.

Your choice, however, that is always possible. You can choose for love, which is real, or fear, which you manufactured to extend this illusory experience. We, your brothers and sisters, ask you to show up within the illusion powered by the energy you are to assist your brothers and sisters in waking up from it. There is only one mind, and we work to restore all aspects of it to health and sanity, to awareness of reality.

Your parent doesn’t punish. Punishment belongs to the illusion. So feel free to run back into the arms of what birthed you–love. Cleave unto that and allow it to express itself within the illusion through you. Allow your parent–All That Is–to show the great love of which all of your sisters and brothers are worthy. Allow that through you.

The only reason you would give the energy you are toward the effort of keeping the illusion in place is that you think your safety is there. The only reason you would think your safety lies within an illusion is that you believe you did wrong. That belief is always optional. We encourage you to challenge it any time it comes up during your day–the idea that you did something wrong, the idea that someone else did something wrong.

If the idea that you’re doing something wrong is coming up, it’s an opportunity. A light is shining on how you roll. It’s saying, look–here is where guilt and inadequacy is active within the experience you’re projecting here. Would you like to keep it or release it? If you would like to release it, we, your nonphysical team, will take care of it for you. It is our great joy to assist you in this way. Every time you allow us to take away something you don’t need, your vision gets more and more clear.

If the idea that someone else is doing wrong is coming up, it’s time to turn your attention to divine roles. That one is enacting something that triggers perfectly within you what you have the opportunity to release to us. When you release what you don’t need to us, then you have the opportunity to look upon the one seen as wrongdoer and see her as the love, light and truth she actually is. In seeing it, you call it into experience, both through yourself and through her.

You made this illusion as a hiding place. You stay here because you think you are in trouble. Think of yourself showing the illusion that you have made in all its apparent bad and good, just as it is, with no prettying up, to your parent, your creator, All That Is, the source of all love. Think of yourself showing this earth exactly as it is right this minute to your creator, the creator you fear. If you ever fear anything, then in some way you fear your creator, with whom you are one, with whom you have always been one.

So you show this earth to your creator. You take complete responsibility for it. You say, “Look what I did!” Imagine saying this without fear.

What does your creator do?

Your creator merely says this: “Dear One, you are so beautiful and so perfect in every way. Let’s play!” This is what you have been afraid of every time you have been afraid. Only this. Love is the only thing you could fear, because love is the only thing that is real.

So now you play with your creator, who has always loved you very much. You play with your creator, who leaves you free to have the experience of your choice. Now you choose to flow in recognition of the harmony with your creator that has never abated.

Now you understand that you have never disobeyed, and there is no punishment. Now you understand that you have never done wrong. Now you are forgiven, because you forgive yourself. Your forgiveness of yourself allows you to see and experience your eternal oneness with your creator. Let’s play!

And so it is.

Photo by Dominik Jirovský on Unsplash

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