Robed in light

Responsibility is not a burden. It is a power. More than that, it’s effortless power. 

People talk about the mantle of responsibility. We encourage you to see this as a mantle of light. Light that will guide you, light that will make all things clear and obvious, light that will assist you in releasing what you don’t need, light that will assist you in remembering all that will help you along in your journey. You are clothed in this mantle of light, and so are all others That doesn’t sound like a burden anymore, does it? 

The mantle of responsibility for the whole of your experience is a gift that you have been denying. It is the ability to respond effortlessly and lovingly to all experiences. Once you accept this offering, you can see that all others have the same gift. They have the same assistance always there for them. They have the same remembrance there for them. They have the same power, because they are the power you are. They have same ability to respond from harmony that you do because we all are Harmony, and we are not complete without each other. 

When you think of a mantle in terms of burden, it’s something you have to deal with, but we don’t want you to deal with it, not in the sense that you see it.  This is a group project. You do nothing on your own, and when you think you do, you are caught in illusion. Set the illusion down and allow all that needs to be done to be done not by you, but through you, with the help of us all. We were meant to work together, and holding on to an illusion that we work any other way only brings pain. 

The mantle of responsibility is there for you in every moment of your experience, and that means that in every moment of your experience you are capable of responding as the great, deep, and abiding love you are. There is not a possibility for you or any other to bear any true defect. If you did, you could not be the bearer of this light that all share. Simply release the idea of defect–defect in yourself, defect in others, defect in conditions. All perceived defect is illusion. See what arises when you allow yourself to remember this.  

We are here to help you see that any perceived burdens are light. They are your conduitis to perceiving the light and the love you have been blocking out, and there is no need to fear them. Step forward and embrace them as you remember that the light you are is the light all beings are. 

We walk with you in this time of miracles when the transformative power of vision reveals a pathway Home you walk with all of your divine siblings. Thank you for your willingness to see and share what is Real. 

Photo by Chetan Menaria on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Robed in light

  1. oh my gosh…your words just opened something in my thinking…as I was flowing along with you, nodding agreement, thinking, ‘yes, I get this,’ it came to me that responsibility = response-ability, my ability to respond! I was already thinking of things interms of provision, that Divinity provides all we need to act in the world…then this gem became apparent, thank you for your part in this new way of thought, blessings and sweetness to you!

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