Lessons in detachment

We encourage you to become detached from everything. Free yourself. You free yourself by accepting our assistance in perception correction. We correct your view of attachments in a way that allows you to release them. 

Observe: You are already fundamentally attached to everything. You are everything. You can’t get more intimate than that. So when you feel the tug and pull of worldly attachments and the experiences of suffering that they bring, it is safe to stop and ask for assistance in perception correction. Ego would have you believe that if you are not attached, you do not love, but ego speaks from pain. The attachments of which ego speaks are guilt, and there is no need for guilt of any kind when all are innocent.  

Pain–both emotional and physical–comes when you are attached to a surface through the means of a false identity. Pain is a helpful alarm: You are engaged in something false here. You have an opportunity to release it. If you experience more physical pain than others, you are not wrong. You did not do wrong. You are simply uniquely placed to go into the nature of this pain as you experience it now and to find the true nature of all. What is always alive and operating underneath this pain? Can you go there when you are having the physical experience of the pain? Can you go there before? Can you go there after? What do you learn when you go to the place that is always alive, vibrant and innocent underneath the pain? All are perfectly placed. There are no mistakes, and there is no blame.  

Ego will tell you that in this world, loving people means forming attachments. We can love them much better if we are detached, because then we are open to inspiration. Detachment does not mean indifference. Detachment does not mean shutting down one’s feelings. Careful attention and response to your feelings leads you past the falsehood of egoic attachment to the openness of detachment. When you are detached, you can allow the harmony we are to work through you in the world, because you are not holding beliefs up to block the flow of the Love we are.  

When you are willing to wake up, you begin to see that all attachments block the flow of inspiration, block effortlessness.  You become more interested in effortlessness and inspiration than you are in the false-self-definition and the pantomime of free will that comes with attachments.

Snip-snip. Here we are with our energetic scissors. Do you offer your attachments up to us today? We thank you for all you give and all you are willing to receive. 

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5 thoughts on “Lessons in detachment

  1. There is so much food for thought here….thank you…What does perception correction mean? In close relationships, it is so easy to mix love with attachment.
    I want to be loving to my family but not be a door mat. Sometimes I do what feels right in my life, without hurting anybody but my family does not approve. Still I worry about hurting them. Does this make sense? Where does love end and attachment begin? I suffer by worrying about their suffering. 🙂

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  2. Perception correction is allowed when we see that our egoic framework of concepts keeps us mired in illusion, so we stop and ask to see things differently.

    I feel as though I am seeing attachment where I never noticed it before, where I have been protecting it and calling it love. What I always get told is that we are loving. That is our nature, so we don’t have to try to be loving.

    Love is what is underneath all of the worry and the trying and the judgment, so love never ends, but we hold up a concept of attachment (a false concept, an illusion) between our perception of separate self and our awareness of love. Without that concept between a separate one and the idea of love, there is only Oneness.

    I’m always guided to pay attention to the feeling. If there is any feeling of contraction or stress, I may be pleasing others, but I’m not helping them gain access to the love they are. I’m just prolonging our illusory experience.

    If I’m willing to stop and ask for perception correction every time the feeling of stress arises, I’m more likely to be able to share moments of happiness with others. These moments reflect our Oneness and help others get to know who they really are. They may be unhappy with us (only ever with their idea of us) at first, but all is well.

    Thanks for that exploration! It helped me look at my own interactions.



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