Knowing is Now

Knowing is inevitable. 

This story ends in the release of the limits of time and physicality. That happens through the allowance of Knowing. When we speak of Knowing, we speak of the fresh, right-now, guiding insight available to all in every moment. It springs directly from our Wholeness, our Harmony.

You always have access to Knowing. So does everyone else. When you know this about everyone, you make their access to it easier. We speak of inspiration. We speak of certainty and deep peace. 

Knowing is underneath concepts, underneath knowledge (the accumulations of concepts into beliefs), underneath judgments. You must look past and through all of that to get to Knowing. The more you experience and value Knowing, the more willing you are to set down all that obscures it. The more you operate in this way, the more you light up pathways for others to operate in this way alongside you. 

Beings operating from Knowing are unable to come into conflict with one another. This is the end of war–this discovery of a great and joyful treasure available to all in every moment. Who could want to make war when such abundance is available? 

Through the guidance of Knowing, all apparent problems are solved. There is no need to struggle or to judge. In gaining access to Knowing, you set down all that you are not–the distorted view of separation perception, begetter of problems–and you allow all that you truly are to flow into your world. 

Gaining access to Knowing is all about willingness. Are you willing to release all concepts that do not serve you? Are you willing to abandon a rigidity that never kept you safe? Are you willing to stay open, looking past the concept of vulnerability and connecting to the power you always have been?

Knowing is beyond knowledge. Knowledge is of the past. Knowing is vibrant, alive, right now. If you are willing to set down the whole of what you perceive to be your knowledge, Knowing can use aspects of that accumulation for the highest good of all. If you persist in seeing yourself as the manipulator of knowledge, you are actively denying the joy and the flow of Knowing. Are you willing to turn all knowledge, all talents, all skills over to Knowing? 

Gaining access to Knowing requires a willingness to feel. When you are willing to feel, you are aware of when you are blocking access to Knowing, operating from an egoic basis. 

We thank you for your willingness to feel. We thank you for your willingness to allow your perception to be radically altered. We thank you for your willingness to allow yourself to be a conduit for the Power and Love that all are to flow into your world, transforming it into Heaven on Earth. We thank you for your willingness to see the Beauty of all during this time of transition. 

It is our profound delight to assist you as you dissolve old patterns and access the Knowing available to all.  

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Knowing is Now

  1. Please correct my understanding – we watch in awareness and when we feel a contraction – anguish, perception of defects, our desire for something different – we realize it is our egoic mind and step back again to that place of peace within and let love flow once more in our life. Is that right? Thank for sharing these golden nuggets of pure wisdom. with love and gratitude 🙂

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      1. Thank you that is sooo simple and beautiful. What about happiness – egoic situations also make us giddy with delight in the illusion – how do we catch them or do we just let them go? Sorry if this is not clear.

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      2. Here’s what I’ve experienced. Over time I’ve realized that when I think I’m expressing happiness, there’s often an anxious, self-conscious energy going on. In the moment I experience it (and I just did going out to do errands with my children), I can just look with the eyes of love, ask for assistance, take a breath to receive, and move on. 💚

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      3. Thank you for these words. They are like golden light for my heart — eyes of love sooo beautiful. Thank YOU for sharing your words, wisdom and experience so freely with all of us. with love, hugs, gratitude. 🙂

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