Inspiration is waiting for you

Will you allow inspiration to flow? It is an allowing. It is an openness It is a willingness. It is a releasing of assumptions.

There are many ways we can reach you. We can reach you through thoughts. We can reach you through what you see in your physical world. We can reach you through your conversations with others. We can reach you through the most mundane and ordinary of things. Are you willing to allow our Oneness to be expressed through everything? It is up to you. You can allow everything to guide you Home when you recognize the light and life in everything.

Take an ordinary conversation with one of your divine siblings. Are you willing to allow words of profound wisdom, very helpful words, to issue forth from that one? Are you willing to allow your sibling to open up in a way that allows our shared wisdom to come through you? What assumptions about others, about situations, about the world, about how events usually unfold, would block this from happening? We encourage to look at those assumptions and to allow them to dissolve.

Look at everything you see in the world. Look at everything that lives and breathes. Divine joy can be expressed through all of it. Through every cell, through every molecule. When you are willing to see the joy alive in everything, you invite it into your experience, into your shared experience with others.

In what cases would you block inspiration? Go into that feeling of blocking. When negative emotion arises, this is the feeling of blocking joy. You’re doing it. This is what we mean when we talk about responsibility, and responsibility is never fault since fault isn’t actually possible. Fault is is an egoic interpretation presented to you as a temptation. You can become accustomed to saying a simple no to temptation.

We are with you through every moment of your day, always certain of your right-now capacity for joy and for sharing joy with others, always available to help you release concepts you use to block the flow of the joy you and all others are and always have been.

Photo by Pascal Chanel on Unsplash

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