Using definitions to undo definitions

We’re going to draw some lines in the sand to help you emerge from the lines you have been drawing. Because you still understand lines–the separation of definitions–that is what we will use to guide you beyond the perception of limits into the Reality of limitlessness. This is how we seem to help you remember where you have always been–basking in abundance as the unlimited.

Take the concept of allowing. Let us mold it for a minute to give you a concept you will forget, but it will serve you for a moment.  The only thing you can allow is the expression of Love, the transformation that ushers in the perception of a world that reflects the joy you are back to you, a world that reflects the harmony that all others are and always have been back to you. This love-reflecting world is the reflection of a healed mind. Healing is something you allow. It is not something you do.  It may seem to be something you do, but you will not perceive it that way.

All that is not allowing is making. It’s spewing out illusion. It looks like a doing, but it’s actually nothing at all. When you are busy making, you are blocking awareness of what you are and where you always have been. When you continue the habit of blocking, you cling to time. Time is the hiding place for those who would block Love.

Illusion-making looks like doing, but it’s actually nothing. This is where the guiding idea, “I need do nothing” comes from. You will forget this idea, too. It will pop up in your awareness until it is no longer needed. When you set down your doing, you set down stress. You release your voluntary attachment to fear. You look underneath to see what has been there all along.

The only thing that has been there all along is the Love you are. There will be times when you seem to be very active, but it doesn’t feel as if there is a separate I driving the actions. Doing is illusory, but you begin to allow the doing you perceive as yours to change until you are being done through. There is no sense of stress or effort in this.

It is our joy to guide you through the setting down of effort into the flow through effortlessness. When you experience stress, call upon us today. Grant us ten seconds of your hiding-place currency of time to hear your affirmation that you are willing to accept perception correction, to perform an energetic massage on you. We are here to help, and we are always delighted when you accept.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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