Allow the voice of disturbance to melt

We invite you to use the breath today. Use one conscious breath whenever you feel disturbed. Ask, “What is your will for me?”

Just ask the question. That is all that is needed. And see what comes in the wake of that. You seem to refer to a false will, an insecure will to guide your actions. You refer to a will that speaks loudly of your likes and dislikes. It speaks loudly of what you want and of what is required to satisfy you. Just hear this voice of ego. Listen. If you can hear it in awareness, it melts as it is exposed to the light.

As you allow that melting, you allow remembrance of who you are, who everyone else is. As that remembrance strengthens, you allow the Wholeness and the harmony of us to give you stage directions and lines. And as you go deeper, it’s not even that. You simply act from the Wholeness with no sense of anything else, because there is nothing else.

That will that seems to send you stage directions based on getting what you want and avoiding what you don’t want is an illusion. It doesn’t actually exist. Your ability to distinguish between the Real and the unreal will grow stronger. There will be less and less temptation to enact the directions of a false will, a false identity.

What controls you?

Just take a moment to go in with that question. Is there anything that rises up and says, “I’m in charge! I do things! I decide!” Do you hear the quality of that voice, its insecurity? Because you want security, which is what you are and what you share right now, you will recognize the voice of insecurity more and more. You will go within and wait instead for the sure guide, not the unstable one. For a while, this feels like doing nothing until you feel like doing something. Ego sends out disturbing thoughts during this waiting period because ego’s job is to get you to believe entirely in this false identity and to direct you based on that. As you sit through the discomfort and listen to each thought, the temptation to read from ego’s script diminishes. Celebrate that you can feel the difference.

Who are you?

There is a method of self-inquiry that consists of asking, “Who am I?” over and over again. This asking is an invitation to the true and shared Self of harmony to step forward and to speak loudly and clearly to you. When you ask, “What is your will for me?” you are asking the voice that leads to your happiness and your fulfillment to communicate with you. More and more, you will discover a willingness and an ease about following the instructions that come from your True voice.

What brings happiness?

Sit with that one for a moment. Ask like someone who doesn’t know the answer.

Happiness comes from underneath. From underneath what? Happiness comes from underneath the layer of stage directions that disturbance (or ego) emits. The more you’re willing to patiently listen to the instructions disturbance (ego) offers while doing nothing about them, the more the voice of disturbance fades. And then, after the waiting, you hear the voice of happiness providing your lines. As you wait to hear what feels true and undisturbed, the voice of happiness gets louder and easier to hear. The perceived time gap between applying to True Identity for guidance and receiving that guidance gets smaller.

What is your will for me? Keep asking that today. You’re asking your True Self.

We thank you for applying to what we Are for guidance today. Each time you do, you go to the place where we are joined. You turn toward your own happiness. And when you do that, you become better able to share happiness with others. We share all that we Are with you today and always.

Photo by 贝莉儿 NG on Unsplash

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