Striving gives way to flow

You are hereby released from trying to be good enough. We ask you to be aware of striving energy today. If you have a desire to try, apply your trying to noticing the energy of striving and then inviting yourself to stop. When you stop, you can remember that there is a flow waiting for you. You don’t have to struggle, and any goal you set in front of yourself that motivated you to struggle is only an illusion.

When you are struggling, you are struggling toward a self-definition. Notice that. When you achieve the goal toward which you are struggling, you will be able to define yourself as  ___________. Then you will be good enough. Devotion to endless struggle keeps you blind to the truth of you: You are already good enough. So is everybody else.

You are goodness itself. So is everybody else. It may not look that way on the surface, but know this: under many layers of illusion, of projection, all beings are equal and good. All beings are equal and good. If you see anything other than that, it is by choice.

A moment for incredulity, for denial. I did not choose this! How could I possibly have chosen this? Well, you have two choices. Either you did choose it, and it can be undone, or you are a victim to it, and you’re stuck with it. Which do you prefer?

We thought so. You did choose the experience, and right now it’s all about how you’re seeing it. If you are open to having your perception corrected, shifted, you will have a much easier time here. Imagine just knowing what to do, just knowing what to say, always. Imagine striding forth in perfect confidence and peace, no matter what the conditions. This is what you seek when you are running after something in the world.

You will never achieve that perfect confidence and peace by searching outward. The best you can hope for is temporary satisfaction. To experience perfect confidence and peace, you have to drink at the fountain that actually provides real peace–not a facsimile.

The world provides a facsimile of peace, and it’s called succeeding. It’s called getting your way. The world keeps you chasing and searching outwardly, struggling toward peace when the grand irony is that Peace is what you are. It is what you always have been, and no amount of struggling or achieving in the world will get you what you already have, what you already are. So go in. Recognize. Allow your perception to be shifted. And then experience and feel the peace that you are because you have seen it in and as everyone else, too.

If, every time you feel tension or conflict of any kind, you affirm that you are willing to receive perception correction from us, your very real nonphysical friends, you will be able to see very clearly what you have been denying with your pursuit of goals in the physical. You will be able to see the equal peace, strength and beauty of all beings, without exception. You will recognize the physical as nothing but a drama. You will allow everything your character does and says to flow from the purity that we all share. That is peace. That is fulfillment. That is contentment.

You do have some important actions in this drama. But in order to know what they are and to carry them out, you must remove your focus from the world and go inward. That’s where all the instructions are. You will find that carrying out these instructions is effortless and joyful. It is never arduous. You can leave that behind now. You can lose the burden of the world because the world is not real. Instead, you can show up within the world as that which frees it.

There is nothing you have to fix or do in the world, but everything to remember. When you remember who you are and who everyone else is, what you have done in making the choice for separation perception, and what you are called to do now, everything falls into place.  Allow it to fall into place by accepting perception correction whenever there is a need for it. There is a need for it anytime there is a lack of clarity, anytime you feel confused or conflicted.

How do you accept perception correction? Remember that you are not alone. Notice how you are feeling. When you are not feeling good, there is something amiss in your perception. It looks as if the problem is in your world, and you may be tempted to try to fix it there, but the problem is in your perception. The world you see and experience is your projection. The world you project comes from your perception. If you experience any lack of peace, it can only be resolved at the level of perception.

So when you notice a disturbance, you stop. You remember you are not alone. You are surrounded by nonphysical beings waiting to assist you. You acknowledge that you feel stuck in conflict. You affirm that you are willing to receive perception correction. You have opened up the conduit that allows us to help you. Before this, you kept your connection to us closed out of fear.

When you keep that connection open all of the time, this is what you call flow. You are willing to act in harmony with all beings, so you maintain your connection to all beings. You don’t close it off.

Remember the process, and use it when you want to find peace and flow.

We keep reminding you to take your attention off the world you are projecting and go within. The world you are projecting won’t be healed because you look at it, judge it as unhealed, and attempt to manipulate it into a state you feel able to call healed. The world you are projecting will be healed when you realize fully that you are projecting it. All problems start at the level of mind, and they are really only one problem–the conviction that all is not well, projected outward into a physical illusion.

Allow us to tinker with your perceptions, and you will see what is instead of what was wished for. You wished for the experience of separate will, a will that could conflict with another will. That’s not really possible, but it is possible within an illusion. When you want to return to the harmony of the one will, you realize that you never left it. When you accept perception correction, you allow fearful perception to be removed so you can see all as it truly is, as it always has been.

Today we invite you to relax into what you are. Allow yourself to be reminded that all is truly well, and allow this certain knowledge to be the foundation of your perception.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 26 – I relax into what I am, which will carry me

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

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