The harmony project

You are truly engaged in a group project. Remember this as you seem to come into conflict, as you feel dissonance and feel tempted to project a cause or a perception of a defect outward. This feeling of dissonance, of struggle, is an opportunity. In those moments you are experiencing what you have been hiding, the seeming monster of guilt and accusation, revealed. When it is revealed, it is exposed to the light. When dissonance is exposed to the light, it evaporates. It eases. It disappears.

You are engaged in the group project as the one of us. We all are. This project is harmonic. As we go deeper and allow our perception to change, we see harmony, even when there still seems to be conflict. The harmony is in the function. All you encounter now either flushes up to the surface your attachment to concepts you use to block flow, or it reflects harmony back to you. It’s either your present and alive conduit to harmony, or it’s the experience of it. Nothing else is possible, and in that you are very safe. Always held, always loved, always cherished.

The project we are engaged in brings harmony to what is perceived. It enables you to perceive the harmony that has always been present. We encourage you to take this thought with you today. No matter where you are, and no matter what is happening, suggest to yourself: Harmony is here. I see either a path to harmony or a reflection of harmony.

If you don’t like what is happening, the path to harmony is what you are experiencing. What is surfacing? What thoughts and beliefs float to the surface? Those are the lies that have blocked the perception of harmony. If you willing to allow the lies to dissolve in the light, then light is what you will feel, what you will perceive. The light is what you will share with others. The light is what you will invite others to. You seem to provide a path to the light for others when you notice that they do the same for you. There is always gratitude when you see this.

The project allows the perception to reveal that all has always been harmonic, and that anything to the contrary is illusion. The project is healing, and the project is seeing–therefore helping others to see–that you have always been healed. You simply allow the awareness of what you are and always have been to return to you.

The project allows illusion to pass away. Illusion is what isn’t. You allow it to pass from your sight, from your experience. Once you have turned the whole of your experience over to What Is for the purpose of healing, there is nothing in your experience that cannot be used in the service of healing. Therefore, there is nothing in your experience to fight or resist, in terms of form. Trust that all forms are in good hands, and look for the light.

We love to work with you, and it is our delight to see how you recognize the divine and very helpful roles your fellow beings are playing. Thank them all, for all deserve gratitude.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 30 – I open to the light

Photo by Stefano Intintoli on Unsplash

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