There is a role for you to play You will be conducted on your way. Think of your lifetime as a series of notes in a symphony. There is a conductor who will signal you and keep you in harmony with all of the other musicians. Pay attention to this conductor, and you will be able to settle into the beautiful symphony … Continue reading There is a role for you to play

The harmony project You are truly engaged in a group project. Remember this as you seem to come into conflict, as you feel dissonance and feel tempted to project a cause or a perception of a defect outward. This feeling of dissonance, of struggle, is an opportunity. In those moments you are experiencing what you have been … Continue reading The harmony project

One voice

Who are we? We are you, in the purest sense. In the first days after my first mystical experience, the word hybrid was suggested to me. The way you received that, you got the gist. You got the message of an identity shift, and one what would include the Whole. We were telling you that you … Continue reading One voice

Choosing harmony

You think in terms of thingness now, so we still speak in terms of thingness. There is only one thing, and that is Love. Since there is only one thing, you must be that one thing. If you are not, you are cut off from all creation. There is no possible way to be cut … Continue reading Choosing harmony

The effervescence of you

Each time you feel limited, discover what perception you are insisting upon. We love to see you leaping over and bursting through conceptual fences. More than that, we love to see you dissolve them, and we rejoice at your discovery of your ability to do this. You show up in a sea of thought, do … Continue reading The effervescence of you