Everyone offers a gift

Your equals are your teachers and your students. All beings are your equals. Each one, without exception, is your teacher and your student. When we say they are your teachers, we are saying that every being holds a gift for you. Every being extends an invitation to you to accept ever-present joy.

When we say they are your students, it is because you are always sharing with them. The more you accept healing’s invitation to joy, the more you light up a pathway to love for everyone. You are always touching the mind of every being across time and space. In fact, there is only one mind.

Whenever you catch yourself making a comparison and assigning value, practice saying thank you for the opportunity to watch this. Let’s say that you experience another being as an irritant. Ego tells you this: That one is not moving fast enough.” It feels like a certainty to you. You have evidence to back it up. You can stop and say “thank you.” What gift are you receiving? If you stop, you will be shown your attachment to a storyline. In the story, there is evidence that there is a deficiency in a character. Your character, by comparison, has greater understanding. The judgment to which you are attaching is blocking the experience of Flow.

Flow is always there for you. The character who seems to be an irritant shows up as the personification of a blockage. Today, playing the role of Blockage, is The Man Who Moves Too Slowly!  The character is showing up playing the role of the resistance you use to block Love from your daily experience. It’s always a helpful drama.

The way into the awareness of ever-present joy goes directly through and beyond judgment. The character shows up to reflect your judgment back to you. Irritation can feel intense. It is a very clear alert that you have accepted a lie from ego and you are allowing your performance in the play to be directed by ego.

So stop and find the thank-you. The storyline is not at all important. You don’t have to nudge it this way or that way. The storyline of the play only delivers constant opportunities for healing to you. If you miss these opportunities because you think the storyline itself is the most important thing, you won’t feel good. Release your attachment to the way the story looks. Simply stop and find the thank-you instead.

You look at the character playing the role of Irritant. You stop. You say, mind-to-mind:
Thank you for showing me my attachment to judgment. Right now you are showing up to show me that I am attached to a judgment of you as impeding the flow of my day as ego has dictated it should go. I am happy to stop now and drop all judgment. When I drop all judgment, I can hear the guidance that tells me where to go, what to say, and what to do. Thank you for the opportunity to stop and to tune into guidance. I am willing to allow the voice of Love to direct my participation in the drama now. 

When you catch yourself defining and identifying characters in the dream, stop and ask yourself why that character is showing up in your dream. There is always a gift for you there. Whenever it seems that a character is blocking your flow toward an important goal, you have believed a lie ego told you about a goal. Ask instead to be led. Ask instead to be shown.

Be willing to be led past the pain of thinking goals are important. Truly, there is only Love. There is nothing you have to earn and no need to strive after a goal. If a goal is stressful, ego chose it and told you it was important. You believed ego. That is all that happened. When you notice you are attached to the storyline, remember the simplicity of Love and know that all have equal access to it because they Are it.

Each time you catch yourself assigning unequal values to characters, turn to the healing role of each character. It is never too late to pivot from judgment of a character over to accepting the healing that character is offering. Find the thank-you for everyone, and make that more important than the twists and turns of the plot. Focus on the profound thanks and gratitude for the gift every one without exception carries, and the plot will take care of itself.

We love you, and we rejoice to see you focusing upon Home. That Home is in everyone, and it is our joy to see you discovering it.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 39 – I thank you

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

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