You are worthy of constant assistance There truly is help for you all of the time. We would like you to remember this whenever you have the mindset that you have to handle this human lifetime alone. You are never alone, and it is never possible for you to be alone. This seeming state of separation is only an illusion, … Continue reading You are worthy of constant assistance

You have every reason to celebrate You seem to be subject to many conditions. The good news that is that you aren't. You seem to be. When you attach to stories of how you are subject to the conditions of the world, you suffer. Even if there is a moment when you judge the conditions to be good, when they … Continue reading You have every reason to celebrate

Focus on our connection More reliable than the ephemeral things of this world is our connection. Our connection is unbroken and eternal, and it will always be so, because we are One. What is One cannot be divided. Your world seems to be proof of division. We would like you to see the world you made as something … Continue reading Focus on our connection

Beyond opposites We would like to explore the notion of worldly states that are considered positive. You will be allowing your attachment to these states to go as you allow yourself to remember what is beyond the world you chose, what has always been here for you. There is peace as the world knows it. As … Continue reading Beyond opposites

The light of awareness In asking you to look upon another, we are asking you to look upon light. Think of this today. Whenever you are looking upon another in the physical or in thought, you are actually only looking at boundless, beautiful light. This is the reality of that other, no matter what role that other seems … Continue reading The light of awareness

Basking in abundance If you find lack in any other, you are finding lack within yourself but trying to escape from it by seeing it as outside of yourself. Whenever you believe that lack in another is very real, remind yourself: I am the one who needs help. You can also ask us to prove abundance to … Continue reading Basking in abundance

Ask us to prove it There are no shoulds. You might employ the concept of "should" or "should have" quite frequently. We propose to you that this is completely unnecessary. We invite you to throw off a burden today by releasing all of your shoulds--all of your shoulds for yourself, and all of your shoulds for everyone else. Set … Continue reading Ask us to prove it

Releasing the past We would like to play with the concept of the past today. Toss it around with us. Look at it. Allow it to be transformed. First of all, there is no past. You believe, however, that there is a past. If you didn't believe in a past, you wouldn't believe in the egoic structure … Continue reading Releasing the past