You are worthy of constant assistance

There truly is help for you all of the time. We would like you to remember this whenever you have the mindset that you have to handle this human lifetime alone. You are never alone, and it is never possible for you to be alone. This seeming state of separation is only an illusion, and it is our great joy when you allow us to interrupt your certainty that what you are is separate and autonomous.

Whenever you feel distressed, it is not for you to handle on your own. You are not on your own. It is never possible for you to be on your own. We wish to speak to you of a sequence of events that happens when you feel distressed. It is distressing to feel distress, so you seek for anything that seems to stop or soothe the feeling. This is where blame and distractions come in. If you can move the blame over there, over to someone else, then you have the perception that your distress is soothed a bit. This includes self-blame.

You regard self-blame as the identification of a problem, and ego tells you it is here to solve specific problems that it identifies. Notice that ego identifies the problems, and ego tells you how they must be solved. Ego runs on the ideas of inadequacy and unworthiness. It is impossible for ego to identify a problem without the ideas of inadequacy and unworthiness. Ego is a word that describes a set of lies that you believe. Belief is optional. This is why all the power is yours.

Now let’s look at the idea of distraction. When you feel distress…first of all, know that this is good. You have been believing a set of lies. As you awaken to the fact that you have been believing lies, you’re going to allow yourself to feel how it truly feels, without hiding, when you believe the lies of ego. Your feeling of distress is not a sign of failure. It means that you are willing to have the lies brought to light and dissolved.

Ego would send you into distractions to forget the feeling the distress that tells you that what ego tells you is not true. With any distraction comes a feeling of escape, a feeling of hiding. We invite you to notice in your daily life what activities serve as escapes for you. You will have the feeling of scurrying into these activities to avoid feeling the distress that inevitably comes with viewing yourself and others as separate. When you feel tempted to escape into a numbing activity, simply take one moment. Ask what thought you are avoiding. See yourself bringing this thought into the light. Find your willingness to allow your perception to change. Ask to see what is true. Feel your willingness to allow the false to fall away. Then ask yourself what feels right to do next.

It is a great joy to assist you because it is a restoration of sanity, a restoration of the awareness of the Oneness of us. This awareness is growing stronger throughout your world, which can only ever be a reflection of what you allowing to play out in the mind. It is a one-way street–there is no going back. You should take great comfort in this. You are all steadily and inevitably headed toward mass healing. We thank you for every moment you spend with us in the restoration of sanity. As you spend this time allowing the egoic structure to be undone, you make the sweet peace of inspiration more available to all. What you do for yourself, you do for all because there is and never has been any separation.

What you allow to be restored you are able to share. When you focus on peace and wholeness, you allow that awareness to be restored. Then that is what you radiate. What you radiate–the basis of your speech and actions–you share. Focus on the purity, peace and tranquility within, and that is what you share with all. When you are tempted to see anything in your world as outside of the peace you are, take time with us. We will assist you in the undoing of the thought structures that have no use and no value.

We would like you to pay attention to the idea of worthiness. When you allow yourself to get caught up in an ego story instead of taking the time to allow it to unravel and disappear, you are finding yourself and others unworthy. In other words, you are using the experience of clock time to focus upon an impossibility. When we invite you to meditate, we ask you to spend that clock time basking in what is real. Unworthiness is an impossibility, while the love you are and the unending love that flows for you and all is Reality. When you feel worthy enough to allow yourself to be assisted through time and space, allowing all thought, speech and action to come from the True Self, the world you seem to see reflects that worthiness back to you. Allow the world to speak to you of Reality. Focus here, and that is what you will see.

You are going deeper, and we rejoice as sanity and clarity are restored to our dear divine siblings because they are choosing it. Walk today in ease and peace, knowing that the strength of the love that you and your divine siblings are is unending. By your simple decision, you can allow it to wash through your experience that you may share it with all.

Photo by Paul Csogi on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “You are worthy of constant assistance

  1. Reblogged this on in sacred Presence and commented:
    (Julie’s spoken introduction in her recording of this post, transcribed by Leon)

    Before I start, I just want to say, I think the awareness of what we are is… it seems to be so… available – if I want to make a comparison, you know; compared to how it was a year or two ago.
    And if I come from the perspective of people sharing energy updates and things like that, or talking about the waves of energy that are sweeping through the world… I mean, remembering the world is only a reflection of what’s going on in the mind, it still lines up with that, what I’m experiencing, just that there is so much assistance.

    And if we’re gonna look at it as a physical thing, and these waves of energy, it’s… like, the availability of the very simple awareness of what we are… It’s just more available to us than ever has been before, because so many of us are deciding:
    “This is… This time with the illusion is done now, and I really understand that. All is forgiven… for everyone! For myself… for everyone! I mean, you can’t exclude anybody from forgiveness.”
    And so, we’re really seriously on the road here to… allowing ALL the facets of illusion to drop away, and to really experience this simplicity… the peace that we are.

    Ahm, that said [laughs], as everything that isn’t [peace] gets washed out of us, it’s still REALLY intense and difficult at times…

    But really, there’s this deep sense that the power, simplicity and ease of what we are is… is more apparent than it’s ever been… It’s RIGHT there.
    So when I’m caught up in an ego story, it’s… it’s easier for me to stop and bask in that now, because I KNOW: It’s just so there. It’s so real.

    So, I hope you’re having a similar experience of going deeper and deeper.

    If you’re not, you’re probably just on a very distracting and intense healing period, and when that washes away and diminishes, you’ll probably feel the same thing too.

    OK. So, here is
    You are worthy of constant assistance:


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