From significance to weightlessness We invite you to notice today the placing of significance. When you are placing significance upon any phenomenal thing, how does it feel? We are looking here at the structure of the mesmerism, at the prison bars. These prison bars have no true substance. In fact, they dissolve when you stop to look upon … Continue reading From significance to weightlessness

Being conducted through the physical Reality is not physical. The physical is a very real-seeming experience you are delivering to yourself by relying upon the lens of separate identity. You have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to believe the physical is real, and you have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to suffer. To … Continue reading Being conducted through the physical

From the living waters We wish to draw your attention to the judging of separate events. This is not necessary. Notice how you judge separate events to define a separate self (and separate selves called other) and also to prepare for a future. All you need can come from the Now, especially since the Now is all there … Continue reading From the living waters

A sure thing is not complicated You are in good hands. The best. Anytime you believe you are not, it is because you are requesting a rather elaborate story trajectory in which there is a bit more drama before you fully realize how Love has carried you and all this whole time. You can do this. You can say, "Wait! … Continue reading A sure thing is not complicated

Enactment from Presence When you are reactive to anything, you are distracted away from your Self, from truth. Reactiveness is a signal that you depend on events and your judgments of them to tell you how to feel. From the human perspective, this is the most natural thing in the world. We are here, however, to assist … Continue reading Enactment from Presence

Remove your hands and make demands Today we invite you to notice how the separate identity is tied up with seeing a world of separate objects and separate people--a world with individual volition. The idea of separate identity is inextricably caught up with the idea of physical cause and effect. The belief in physical cause and effect produces the sense … Continue reading Remove your hands and make demands

Reset, please

Well, this is funny. I got a like on a post I hadn't written yet. Thanks, Judy! Either my 4yo daughters or my computer (which sometimes works on its own) published this. I'll let this be the placeholder until I receive the message. This is a quote from¬†The Way of Mastery, which I was meditating … Continue reading Reset, please

The eye of Truth Your physical eyes seem to see separate things. When you hear the voice of ego telling you what you can get out of those separate things, what the use and the value of those separate things is, which things will satisfy you and which things will threaten you, which things are desired and which … Continue reading The eye of Truth

Without judgment Phenomenality is very distracting, but only if you judge it. Notice how you seem to judge the worth and the value of the character you are playing according to what happens to it. You also judge the value and the worth of the character according to what it seems to do. And you judge … Continue reading Without judgment